Just a note…

All is well with Bud. I just spoke to the social worker there and he is getting close to moving into an assisted living room in the same community- a change but not a completely different, everything unfamiliar change. You know, when I last wrote, I was venting about the ravages of old age and growing old in a not so gentle or user friendly system. So, I was discouraged, right? But you also know that, when it comes down to our specific situation, it’s all okay in the sense that it’s a chapter in our lives and we take that as the gift that it is. Bud is our only remaining curmudgeon and we love him so very very much-it’s just tough to watch everyone adjust.

But he’s good. He was down “helping out” in rehab when I called but had received last weeks package of candy coated licorice, a book and nice letter from Rich (cheering on the those hapless Tigers) and a photo from me. There’s another letter waiting to go out in this morning’s mail. He’s not on the internet right now- accessing and downloading and surfing are fairly confusing and frustrating for him, especially with somewhat diminished fine motor skills. So, snail mail is the best way and then he has something to hold on to and re-read.

You all have been a wonderful source of community support- this is one of those places in life where we are all in it together at one time or another. Thanks.

5 responses to “Just a note…

  1. Thanks for updating us, vicki. I hope this change is good for Bud, and he does well.

  2. Change is hard for all of us… but especially seniors, as I am finding out as well.

  3. You must be able to vent and purge . . . otherwise, clarity never comes!!!

  4. Thanks for the update. Please tell him I wish him well.

  5. The snail mail is such a good idea. I love me the Internet but nothing beats a fat envelope with a letter and pictures.

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