Zingerman’s NY Peppered Pastrami

Audrey knows I love it and, of course the only place in the world you can get it is at Zingerman’s in Ann Arbor, so one of the last things she shopped for before the annual BCMA meeting at Roberta’s cottage was a pound, sliced thin. And then she forgot and left it home. Despite a flurry of phone calls, everyone in BCMA had already departed for Lake Michigan and there was no one to stop and pick it up en route- until Roberta made her second trip across the state a couple days into our stay. So she detoured, drove to Audrey’s and snatched it out of the frig and delivered it to me at the cottage in Grand Haven. We didn’t eat it that day but hell would freeze over before I left it behind, so Roberta froze a block of ice in a bag overnight and Marion and I carried it along to Chicago. Where it went into Lee’s refrigerator Sunday night while I refroze the block of ice. We didn’t eat it with Lee in Chicago because we went out for Pakistani/Indian food on the eve of Pakistani Independence Day. The next morning, I repacked it on the block of ice and Monday that pound of pastrami moved downtown to Susan And Gary’s refrigerator while new ice was frozen. We didn’t eat it that night because we were watching Dan’s concert at Millennium Park.

At that point the pastrami was 6 days from slicing but still pristine, wrapped and perfect. So Dan and I packed it up, on ice, and drove the pastrami to Oshkosh, b’gosh.

Today, we brought Bud out and away from his spot at Evergreen Rehab for a change of scenery. But it’s hard. He can’t walk all that far. He needs to be near a bathroom. He tires easily. Sometimes he’s muddled. So we’ve just brought him back to our room at the Hilton Garden Inn. I swiped a couple of extra bagels at breakfast. Went into the bar and borrowed some popcorn baskets. Borrowed a knife to slice a tomato purchased at a roadside farm stand back in Michigan. Bought two bottles of bad beer for the three of us. Had a couple of Red Haven peaches. Bud just announced that it’s the best meal he can remember having, ever. I’m not sure about Bud’s memory, but this is one of those photos that speaks a thousand words.Bud(Thanks, Audrey)


14 responses to “Zingerman’s NY Peppered Pastrami

  1. PRICELESS. I believe him. 🙂

  2. Yes, that could be a Wordless Wednesday, but I do like your words.

  3. I don’ t know about the sandwich, but the picture is sweet enough to bring tears to my eyes.

  4. He looks delighted!! That pastrami must be really, really tasty.

  5. I love his smile!

  6. Look at that face. Happiness and delight. It must make your heart soar a million miles and more.

  7. I’m sure the pastrami is delicious but I suspect it was the company that was especially delightful.

  8. He looks ecstatic! and I can’t say I blame him. I want some peppered pastrami too!! and your company.

  9. This story touches my heart. Nothing better than such a meal.

  10. I don’t like Pastrami, but I like that picture of Bud liking pastrami!

  11. Bud is right. It is the simple pleasures that we should most treasure. All food is best with good company.

  12. Sometimes it’s worth every bit of trouble getting there and this is one of those times. That smile will remain with me for a long while. Thanks

  13. It’s not always the wonderful food that makes it the best meal. Ever. It’s the love, and the time spent together. I remember one very special peanut butter sandwich that is a real contender.

  14. Duct tape? Duct tape? And I thought that it was only for prom dresses

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