If I were already there…

I would be  sitting on the deck, feet up on the wood rail, looking out over the broad expanse of dunes and vast Lake Michigan-watching the Perseid meteor showers. Isn’t it clever of BCMA to gather the week that they peak, in a place along the Western Michigan shore where we will be able to enjoy midlife insomnia with the quiet company of dear friends and the mother of all fireworks? We’re foxy like that.

Off to the airport…perseid-meteor-shower-2009(I didn’t take this, but it was the featured photo in an article on the 2009 Perseids visible in Western Michigan, this very week. Obviously, the heavens were only waiting for BCMA to convene…)

6 responses to “If I were already there…

  1. Go Foxy! Enjoy your “meeting”!

  2. Sounds like fun. I love picturing you with *your* feet up on the deck railing, relaxing and watching stars as mine were a couple of weeks ago although I was watching birds! 🙂

  3. What an amazing picture. Here in suburban DC we have waaaaay too much light pollution to get that kind of a view. Have fun, Vicki.

  4. I yearn to be in that “book club” with you!

  5. We didn’t get to see any of the showers this year, but our goal is to be someplace next year where there’s plenty of sky and natural darkness. I hope you saw a spectacular shower show.

  6. So. Did you guys stay awake long enough to see any shooting stars?

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