Precisely. Just as I was saying…

The Snarl is home from Mexico! Healthy, happy and hopefully, parasite-free. She had a wonderful time. We enjoyed dinner with her and Misha tonight (and my newest live blog friend, Val) and then I came home and checked in on Facebook before getting ready for bed. And this is what I find.

5288_685907768221_5021896_41801266_7756027_n(I gather she was driving around the countryside and spots an interesting hole in the ground.)

5288_685907763231_5021896_41801265_7001871_n(Why yes! It IS a big, dark, intriguing hole! I know….)5288_685907748261_5021896_41801262_5480808_n(…let’s go in it! )

I had a wonderful afternoon with Val, who lives in Texas and writes a charming blog about life in her backyard. This summer she gave us the delightful photo diary of Elvis and Costello, two little Eastern Screech Owls that fledged  in the tree right near their door. She took time away from a meeting in Tampa to go visit our ESOs at Boyd Hill and then we went by the Dali Museum before dinner. It all confirmed my feeling that you meet the neatest people here in the neighborhood. Now I’m rushing to get ready for a week away…


8 responses to “Precisely. Just as I was saying…

  1. Abby, Abby, Abby. Darling, don’t you know that there are some things it is better for your mother not to know. Get yourself a blog with a secret password and pseudonym. Don’t post these kinds of things to facebook. Your mother has enough worries with a hole in her nose, greens in her disposal, wine sitting on her front porch, and a cat the size of an elephant. Please don’t stress her out this way. You will need her someday to babysit your children. Really. You want her alive and not dead of a heart attack.

  2. PS I can’t figure out how she got down there.

  3. oh. holy. jeebus. My daughter and her boy are leaving tomorrow for their latest adventure. I’m actually relieved her computer was stolen and there will not be updates (well, not many) from the road.

  4. Is that hole in the ground an old cenote? We saw one at Chichen Itza.

    Glad to know she is home safely, and I will check out your new friend.

    Have a safe trip and stay in touch.

  5. We have one of those here. It’s called Devils Den.

  6. What–no pics of sliding down a rope into the hole?
    Ah yes–we were all once so adventurous…weren’t we?

  7. Have a great time in Michigan…. Our skies were cloudy last night, but at least we didn’t get the four inches of rain they got just a few miles from here.

    Yes, it seems if there is a hole or a storm or something else exciting… our kids have to be right in the middle of it.

  8. That Abby, quite a charming girl! And the twinkle of mischief in her eye 🙂 I can vouch!

    Have fun at the BCMA!

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