wordless wednesday wings, waterfalls, wool

peacock butt(Some guys look almost as good going as they do coming)dragon(The colors Mother Nature comes up with!)green(another from Rainbow Springs State Park. )white wool(Getting ready for the BCMA Beach and Fiber Festival Retreat. From this…)orange(…to this. The first steps in a long process. More on Marion and  wool rug design tomorrow.)

5 responses to “wordless wednesday wings, waterfalls, wool

  1. Really great photos, vicki. I love that peacock. Interestingly, I got a shot of one just the other day too. The colors on their face and neck are almost unbelievable.

    Hope the recovery is going well.

  2. I am hoping next year for a flight pen for breeding season so I have peacocks on my little patch of farm space. 🙂 Felting!!!

  3. WOW! What wonderful wordless writing.

  4. Love the waterfall. I could spend hours there!

  5. What a lovely shade of orange… it is supposed to be orange isn’t it?
    Had big, big storms here today… kept seeing limbs and leaves on the road as Stephen and I headed home and kept saying… “wow, lots of limbs and leaves”…. little did we know that we were driving right through the tornado warning area…. our new hollowed out rose garden space is now a water garden, whether we wanted it that way or not.

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