Wordless Wednesday postscript

I made a pact to post this today and then didn’t because THIS is a terrible photo of three stunningly good looking people. I mean, Crackers has not had such a good looking group dining there previously. Not to mention witty, educated, kind, generous, fascinating (and, yes, Mary, he’s hot in that cool marshy, horseshoe crabby, married, school teacher sort of way.) We had an absolutely delightful lunch, good enough where you would go out of your way to meet these new friends again. Cathy’s glass work, in a couple of short years, has gone from hobby to art. She replicated one of FC’s header photos so beautifully and you should stop over to his place to take a gander. FC brought each of us a wonderful native red wine with a great looking label that convinced me I could make even that part of my diet local. I would show you a picture except we drank it. (I don’t do pain meds so it was just perfect following the nose job I had the next day.) Both Cathy and FC are native Floridians. Kind of makes you think that if the snowbirds would clear out and they bulldosed 100 miles of US 19 and cooled the place off by 10 degrees it would be a perfect place. Seriously, this mini-bloggers convention was SO much better than the BlogHer one I attended a couple years ago- and the swag was better, too. Thank you, friends.IMG_1653(I just don’t know what happened with the photo-must be because that guy in the parking lot thought he was some kind of Annie Liebovitz with that chin skyward perspective.)

11 responses to “Wordless Wednesday postscript

  1. Hmmph. You make it sound as if I have a teensy crush on FC.

  2. You are all beautiful. What a great mini blogger convention.

  3. I am laughing so hard I am crying. Glen has a puzzled look on his face, I guess I better let him in on the secret through saying FC is hot even in a horseshoe crabby way may get me in trouble! LOL!

  4. I knew before he took it that this photo taken in the white hot mid-day sunlight would be unforgiving and hellish, but I didn’t speak up.

    I really enjoyed that lunch meeting and I am so glad you and Cathy thought of me.
    “marshy” may be my favorite descriptor (as applied to me) everrrrrr.

    Miz S is a crack up isn’t she? Did you tell her we talked about her?


  5. I think it’s a great photo and lunch out would be delightful, if you’re ever back in the PNW. Avoid coming now since this heat wave is brutal. (and that angle is not the best for ANYONE!)

  6. “Marshy” is quite the compliment, I’d say.

    I can just imagine the fun you all had.

  7. Sounds like a wonderful time! And I like the descriptor “marshy”. 🙂

  8. Looks like a very good group to be in!! If you are out gallivanting, your nose must be healing well.

  9. What a fun group. I’d pay big for a recording of that meeting. 🙂

    Loved your “Mothers” post below too. I really *was* laughing out loud.

  10. If that’s a “terrible” picture, then I hate to ponder what you think of my own puny efforts at photography. Maybe it’s just that it’s a good-looking group of people that improves the quality so, for me anyway. Or that I’m curious that a restaurant named Crackers wouldn’t feature soup on its logo.

    Anyway, I fear it’s not going to be a banner fall again for my beloved maize ‘n blue. The rumor mill is working overtime and I wish I had a deaf ear. And I fear that Spartan woman is lurking, just waiting to pounce on anything the least bit partisan I may publish.

  11. I’m glad you’re on the mend, and oh so jealous that you get to have blogger get togethers. I’ve never had one. I think I may be too shy. It’s easier, after all, to hide behind my keyboard and camera.

    But maybe one day I’ll come out from behind the shady wall. Fingers crossed.

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