119 in the shade

image001And there’s very little shade. Okay, so that’s not here, but you get the idea.

steamyThis is here and the inside temp AC is set at 80 and it’s only 730 am in the morning. So this gives you some idea. R.L. and I did go out and celebrate our anniversary last week and then he flew off to tape a segment on the best of American high schools for a certain Sunday morning news program. Now he’s home sick. Airplane Ack is bad enough but being in a high school, an all new petri dish of germs for him, put him over the top.  He’s toying with H1N1 the way a guy might, moaning and wanting me to feel his forehead often and look up symptoms on the internet. I told him it was merely travelitis and airplane ack and then, insensitive life partner that I am, I apparently slept through a 4am foray out to CVS where he got some of those dreadful multi-symptom cold pills. Now he’s passed out, perhaps for the day, and hopefully he’ll wake up feeling better.

I try to avoid going out at all costs. I must say, some of the sparkle has worn off scooping vulture poop. We clean raptor cages about 3pm and that’s when Florida sun seems to be directly overhead. The baby owls are thriving, turned into little hunting machines since we erected the “killing field” inside their enclosure.  They are taking after live food with enthusiasm. Now that they have no need for a food plate, they can sleep in their dish. This shot, taken by my friend Gabe, is a couple weeks old; now they look mostly grown up and the day is not far off when they will go back into the wild.screech owl kids group 3 001 (2)So, stuck inside, I’m teaching needle felting classes and having great fun with that. I’m planning some specialty classes starting in August and September including a fall vegetable series and, for those wanting something a little more elegant, a nuno silk class. But I’m telling you right now, the pumpkins and squash are going to be very fine.needlefelt classThis is my enthusiastic class from yesterday. I love these workshops: very creative and happy atmosphere. Personally, I’m starting to move away from owls and penguins, although I do really enjoy making those. I’m working on my detailing and also going for a touch of whimsy. Rich doesn’t know quite what to make of these items perched on the mantle. Front and back. Actually, he asked, “what is that?” when I showed him the female form. “What is that?”!  Either he’s sicker than I thought or it’s time for remedial therapy…needleguys

back needleguys2(Check out the size of that flower I cut from the yard. We have grasshoppers to match.) 

I think the guy on the right is waiting for large wings. I’ve ordered some foam covered wire used for tomato staking that I think will help provide some structure to those. The only thing I can think of for Venus there is a finely sculpted animal head of some sort. Still waiting for inspiration. And speaking of inspiration, how about this very cool stone? I like stones, I’ve always collected them. You just have no idea of what goes into making stones.  Now, I’m thinking of increasing the scale and having “sofa stones.” Uber chic and modern. What do you think of that idea?stone(And yes. It’s a great book that just goes to show that black people, historically, have been as crazy as white people in this here South.)

13 responses to “119 in the shade

  1. I would love to be one of those women at your table learning your craft.

  2. So would I, no matter how hot it is!! I love the felted figurines, winged or not. I collect stones too, although I don’t have many.

  3. P.S. The owlets are just too funny!

  4. Great first photo: anyone afraid of flying need not worry — the lions under the wing make you forget about that!

  5. We are pretty miserable here in the mountains as well. Don’t discount H1N1. We have lots of cases among the kids in the summer camps here. I feel sorry for the kids and the counselors who thought they were getting away from the heat to the cool mountains.

  6. Poor Rich, If he is scared that he is loosing his mind,tell him it’s just the floating head from the multi symptom meds. I say give him a big kiss. Get it before it evolves. I Love the stones. I collect stones too. I would guess the beauty part would be that you can’t go wrong with shape size and almost color, as nature is so random. I could see collecting a bowl of these on my coffee table?

  7. Very creative! I hope Rich is better soon; I’ve had a couple of students with H1N1–but a teacher has to have an iron immune system. (and a flu shot) Too hot there for me-I’ll take our low 70s and blue/gray sky, especially with no AC.

  8. The heat hit me like a wall after a week in chilly gloomy Philly. I know a bit how you feel. I’m back and when Rich is able, let’s plan that motorcycle ride. Hope he feels better soon. Love the felted monster and stone. Wish I had been at the table. I thought about you when I got up yesterday morning and was rushing around doing last minute things in Philly. Can’t wait to tell you about the trip.

  9. Nyssa is complaining about the heatwave in Mississippi too. It only hit here today… 96 with the heat index around 100. We stayed inside… actually I slept in, really late because I have been up for construction people all week. Love those trucks in the yard at 7AM.

    Are you growing pumpkins? Oh, can we see, can we see???
    Penguins.. felt penguins? I would love to give my brother one for Christmas.. he collects penguins.

    Hope the high pressure wave breaks soon… we don’t need the rain but apparently MS does.

  10. Heehee.
    Hot enough for ya?
    Go kayakin’

    I thought that female form was Beaker off of the Muppet Show for just a second.
    Very whimsical oh talented one!

  11. The felted stone is beautiful. Just reading the few word on the page below it have tempted me to get the book and read it. And, I think you might be on to something with the sofa idea. Or an ottoman. I’d buy one 🙂

    We now have owlets! I shouldn’t have worried about the timing. They obviously know what they are doing. We have heard owlet vocalization at dusk feeding, and this morning I heard a few little hoots from the nest box. Our adult female has been an excellent muse for my camera. I have some great shots over on my site.

  12. Those baby owls are remarkable guys with a taste for mice. I like them.

  13. 112 is my breaking point. . . or boiling point. Hope you’re using LOTS of sunscreen! 😉

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