The view from here

The week in photos, taken between last Friday morning and this. emptyThe final two days were a major challenge, to clear out and leave it for the next couple in the way I would want my new home. And I guess it was a home, after all. Not the sort to spend a lifetime, but Chicago is, indeed, a magnificent city. And even more than Lincoln Park Zoo or Lyric Opera or concerts at Millennium and the best sushi ever, we made lifetime friends there. The challenge is to maintain those friendships over time and distance but I fully intend to do that.packedAs the moving van pulled away I saw this in front of the condo. Sometimes it’s hard to know who travels easier in this life.budrobertLast week, I wrote that life can be so bittersweet. This photo captures what I meant precisely and I can barely look at it without crying.budbobAfter miles and weeks apart, we brought Robert up to visit Bud at the extended care facility. Laurel rescued the two cats from the isolation of Lost Loon Lodge and Bud is in a place where he is getting wonderful rehab from people who are compassionate and skilled. And yet. Bobby spent a brief several minutes pacing the parameters/perimeter of the room and then, two friends that they are, they had a good long chat. I didn’t get a picture of Bear, Laurel’s dog. We decided it was more important for this reunion first and Bear has all that happy lab energy that might be a bit much as Bud is just settling in. We’re not sure what the next step will be. LLL, much like Bud, needs some serious rehabbing but for now, it’s a step at a time for all of us.cloudyAfter too many nights away from Rich, I drove back down that miserable I94 corridor to O’Hare and caught the last night flight out to Florida. McCloud expresses my sentiments exactly about being back in the bed where I belong.treefern1I woke up to that full flush of heat and humidity that is Florida in the summer. It’s ghastly and we’re just barely into June. Nevertheless, I am now witnessing the way things grow in this tropical clime. My tree fern, on it’s third year, has gone from 1 ft to 5 ft…fenceflowersThe orchids and cactus hanging on the fence are all abloom…cactus1Without being retouched, in a color only Mother Nature could dream up.whiteShe does a good job in plain white, too.anoleLast night I dreamt that we forgot to pack our beautiful cherry Shaker bed and I was trying to figure out how to get it back from the new owners. I couldn’t get back to sleep for a bit but I did find this fellow hanging on the screen. I could almost make an anole cross stitch pattern out of this…but right now, I still have a few boxes to unpack.

15 responses to “The view from here

  1. Love seeing all the photos, especially Bud, with his buddy Robert. I doubt you could say who was the happier at that reunion.

    Your flowers are lovely and yes, the colors are superb.

    The condo looks lonely, but extremely clean – and I bet the new owners will love it. I know I would. I wish I could help you unpack.

  2. Dear Vicki,
    So much to go through in such a short time. Your photo of Bud is dear, but I can only imagine the emotions that well up in you when you look at it.

    Your Florida yard looks wonderful. I hope that the heat won’t beat you up too much.

    Hugs to you,

  3. I’m exhausted, mostly mentally, just going thru your post. You’ve been so strong and supportive. Good to read you are back home in Florida.

    I enjoy the gekkos that walk on our screens at night. Usually I greet one or two as I do late night kitchen puttering around. They particularly like that window at my sink. Silly critters.

  4. Wow–just looking at the now vacant room, I can see a house that I would love. I have this tendency to look at houses, and love them for the architectural lines. Looks like a great one.

    Oh my, the photos of man and beast bondind are too too sweet. No better rehab medicine than that.

    And, finally, way to go, Mother Nature. Monster ferns and electric plants. I am breathless.

  5. That photo of Bud is sweet and touching. Robert will contribute so much to his healing. You can just see that in the way Bud holds him. The flowers are beautiful, and McCloud is incredibly expressive of his contentment. There are so many things that tug at our hearts all the time–even an anole in a cross-stitch pattern.

  6. Leaving that home even though you were there such a short time, has to be difficult. We leave a little touch of ourselves in each place… Bud and his friend look at home with each other… nothing is more magical than the therapy of a beloved pet.. those conversations reconnect him with the world. If Daisy and I were there, he could make a new friend. For a cocker and a rescue, she is calm and loving and adores elderly people… gazing into their eyes and softly offering a paw. How do they know what we need! Another wonderful mystery.

    Welcome to the heat… and humidity. When you feel a bit more settled you can follow our turmoil here… the big construction project.

    Tell Bud that our blue bird babies successfully fledged… four in all. I have cleaned their home… as you did yours and it too is ready for the next occupant.

    Take care of yourself!

  7. In reading your words, I feel that where you are is home more so than where you were, just as McCloud obviously does. Home is where the cat is.

    I’m glad Bud is doing better. It’s hard watching those we love grow older, even more so when it has a time-lapse quality due to separation over time and distance. All the zen in the world can only help so much.

    Cheers, we’re all there with you in spirit.

  8. So much here. Beauty, emotions, memories, and cats. Thinking about Bud . . . hoping he’s doing well!

  9. Oh God. That picture of Bud and his cat. I’m trying not cry, here. I know it must have been an effort to schlep Robert over there, but what a lovely thing to do. Bud is so loved, and I know he deserves every bit of it.

    I’m glad you are back in your own bed now. Rest, relax, do some yoga.

    Or, drink!

    Is McCloud sleeping with his mouth open, or did you catch him in mid-meow? That picture is hilarious.

  10. Welcome back. I look forward to catching up with you in person soon. I love the photos. All define the words bittersweet well. Does Bud have e-mail that we can all continue to stay in touch with him? We got back from Pensacola Beach at 2 this morning. I leave tomorrow for Philadelphia. Should be back the week of the 22nd ready for our bike ride. Tell Rich to get his motor running. Love you and praying for you.

  11. Oh, Vicki. Bud and Robert… that is completely precious. How lovely of you to arrange that visit. And what a wonderful bit of medicine that was for him. What a time you have been going through. I hope you have some time to breathe for a bit.

  12. I can’t imagine how hard you’ve been working lately. Every time I move I have a …well….a freakout, and that’s without frostbitten family to deal with.

    SkinnyCat has taken up the habit of crying and asking to be let out every night between 9 and, oh, say, midnight? We’ve found that wrapping her up in a towel and hugging her tight and pretending to give her medicine mellows her out and makes her sleep.

    I gotta go sleep now, I need to wrap myself up in a towel first though.


  13. Good to see Bud up and with cat.

  14. Life is bittersweet–your empty Chicago place where you made memories and friends, the photos of Bud enjoying the cat, and the beauty (but heat) of Florida. I’m glad that you’re moving on into the new place though; it’s time to settle down! This is from the most boring woman on the planet who has lived in the same home town for 47 of my 52 years and is 2 minutes away from my parents’ house!

  15. Beautiful post. It is hard to grasp it all and what it portends for the future.

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