Life in a box

Just a very brief note before Rich returns all the cable equipment. I have this fantasy that tomorrow, with nothing to do and no place to go, I’ll be able to come around and visit you and actually comment. I’m really going to try.

At this moment, our great moving crew is halfway through loading, Rich is charging up the Kindle for his drive south and I am making sure I have what I need to last for a few days as I head north to help Bud right after the closing on Friday morning. Tomorrow the house is empty, Rich is gone and I will be taking a day of R&R, buying a couple good books, knitting and putzing on the the laptap. My good friends and neighbors will be hosting me.

I wanted to come by now just to say a couple words about Bud because so many of you have been kind and concerned beyond belief and we are so grateful. He is leaving Marquette Hospital, not for Lost Loon Lodge, but to extended rehabilitation in a very fine (we hope) facility right near sister Laurel. The path from hospital to this new place is your classic elder care nightmare, wrestling with red tape endlessly and Laurie is the champion there, but now we have a plan.

Bud has had a rough go of it with many confused and weak, sleepy days. We were sort of gloomy about his prospects for a while there but yesterday he did a 180 and perked up dramatically. We think this is tied to the fact that they re-cultured and discovered a secondary, underlying kidney infection and threw him on Cipro. Whatever it was, he was actually up, walking with assistance and clearly with the program of going to extended care, if only “to get better and get the hell out of these rehab places.” We don’t know if that will happen but that feisty declaration was music to our ears.

I’ll rent a car and meet them all upon arrival in Oshkosh and we’ll make sure the staff knows we are on the job as we get Bud settled in. He has his “mom’s sweater blanket” I made at Christmas time, his digital picture frame and we’re going to set him up on his computer to receive e-mail. The best thing is that Laurel (have I said “bless her little heart” enough yet?) took in those decrepit cats, Robert and Jane, so they will also be close at hand. It’s time for pet payback. Although they are surely in a state after being alone, being driven hundreds of miles and being chucked into a new home with a large enthusiastic lab mix (named, no kidding FC, Bear and I’ll take a pix for you over the weekend…) they are also going to do nursing home duty. I’m taking a spare cat taxi with me and we’ll schlep those hapless beasts up for a visit to Bud on Sunday.

So, that’s it for today and I promise, sincerely, to spend some time catching up with you tomorrow. Thank you again for all the e-mail, cards,photos and good wishes you’ve sent. They’ve made a world of difference and remind me again that there is much love out there, even among strangers.


19 responses to “Life in a box

  1. I’m so glad that Bud is getting into rehab near Laurel. That will make all the difference in the world– having family and his much loved kitty cats close by. So those cats are going to be living with a lab named Bear? Yes, I agree FC will definitely want to know about this and see pics.

    I hope when all the moving and schlepping is done, you will get some rest. Real rest, the kind that comes with peace of mind.

    Thinking of you.

  2. I’m so glad to hear that things are seemingly going along well. I’m so glad to hear that Bud is doing as well as he is. You are indeed blessed to have someone who can take care of him at that end.

    Blessings on your travels. By the way, I had a four hour lunch with Roxanne the other day. It was great to meet her.

  3. I’m so relieved to hear that Bud is going to be closer to family. I can’t imagine how hard all of this has been for him and for you and beautiful Laurel. You’ve all been in my prayers.

    I have to say, I scrolled down as I read and as I came to your photo of boxes I shuddered. I’ve moved enough to know I don’t enjoy that phase. At. All. Have I ever told you the story about how my movers didn’t pack my cherished reticulated tray and I found it in an antiques store 2 states away 10 years later? The exact one! I had to buy it back! I think I’ll add a “Dear Universe, make sure everything ends up in the right spot” prayer to the list. That should cover you on several bases, no?

    Much love, Vicki. Much love.

  4. I am relived too, and I am sure that you are. The poor cats must think the world is ending. They will be ecstatic to see Bud, I am sure.

    Have a good time tomorrow and when you finally wend your way south again, wave to me as you go by. Have a safe trip(s)!

  5. I can’t imagine what it’s like juggling all of this. I know we can’t do much to help at a distance, but if you share Bud’s email address we can at least send funny email and e-cards.

    So glad you’re taking care of the kitties. I hate the thought of what so often happens in these situations. You & your sisters get extra special pet-karma points for this.

  6. Hang in there, Vicki. What a whirlwind. Hugs to you and Rich and Bud. Much love to all.

  7. Glad you are going to get some much deserved r and r

  8. Praying…rest easy, my friend.

  9. Those poor kitties.

    Lucky, lucky Bud to be so loved by his family.

    Life is damn complicated, isn’t it? I’m happy to be sharing the journey with you.

  10. I was thinking about you today — about the move and selling the house and wondering how you feel saying good-bye to it. It has seemed like the house in FL has more of your heart. I hope your journey is smooth and that Bud continues to get stronger.

  11. Good news about Bud’s turn around. I hope he continues to improve. Another Bear? Oh my! Looking forward to a look at him. My Bear is sighing at my feet right now.

    He is the best sigher.
    I need to go hug him. Take care.

  12. I was about to send Bud another picture… so let me know when he has e-mail again as I have one more picture of our bluebird babies. The foursome have become fledglings and left for parts unknown.

    It is great to hear that he is doing better… there are days of much progress and other days… not so much. Two steps forward… one step back.

  13. I wish you a quiet and peaceful day before you tackle your trip Friday. Unfortunately, I know what you are going thru. Except my mom lived with us for the last years of her life and I schlepped her back and forth, doctor to hospital to doctor, etc. And then finally the extended rehab facility. To say it is difficult is an understatement. Both of my sisters live in other states. I know yours will be happy for your help, for however long you can do it.

    Best of luck. Safe travels.

  14. Best of health to Bud(he’s a trouper) and many positive thoughts for you with all this moving and elder care on your plate. I wouldn’t wish my last few days on my worst enemy; I sure wish my kid would come back from Africa.

  15. Glad to hear things are turning around for Bud! I know the visit from the kitties will work wonders for him. Our creatures are so theraputic aren’t they?

    Enjoy a little quiet time. That will work wonders for you too 😉 I’ve thought of you often as I’ve watched my Eastern Screech Owls in and out of the nest box.

  16. Your title–Life in a Box–is so evocative, yet (I must say) those are very very neat boxes.
    I am sorry for Bud’s and your travails. It makes me realize how fortunate I am that my father at age 90 is in good health.

  17. Sending virtual hugs xoxoxoxo

  18. I’m guessing now’s not a good time to mail you those cactus seeds that have been sitting under my desk at work for the past six months?

    How weird is it that a kidney infection can make a person confused, weak and sleepy? Maybe I have one too.

    Hugs to you all.


  19. that packing is s-o-o-o tidy! I can’t do that, well done you!
    I always wonder about hospital tests – thank goodness they did another one – did you or Laurel have to chase them up on it? I bet those 2 cats, bless them, take no notice of Bud when they see him – typical of cats everywhere!
    I worry about my elderly folks and their water intake – they just do not drink enough – something to do with water tasting nasty (well it probably did 70 years ago). I think they would be much less confused and healthier if they drank their 1 litre a day!

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