Once there was a way to get back homeward

Everyone is on the road today and there has been no Golden Slumber around here for a while now. (click. you’ll smile)  Daniel, in particular, is stressed out with touring. They just completed 11 cities and 4 radio stations on the west coast, flew directly from Aspen to Chicago and on to the Netherlands and Denmark. 7 concerts there, back for 8, back to France for 7, back for more. In August he’s back to Spain giving several solo concerts. The night before last, Dan’s phone gave out and with no time to replace it, he feels even more out of touch. When I spoke to him just before his flight to Europe he broke a bit and said where he really wanted to be was with his grandpa, helping him in rehab.

I always miss Dan but more so when he is on tour and the best I can do is follow his itinerary, city to city. When they were in Portland, Inger Klekacz took some beautiful photos of NOMO, as a group and individually. Being able to see Dan with a range of expressions both tugs at my heart and helps me feel closer. If you click on her link you can see some of Inger’s exceptional portrait photography. I’ve ordered some enlargements and will send a couple on to Bud for Father’s Day. Catch you from Moving Central in Chitown.


9 responses to “Once there was a way to get back homeward

  1. Remembering all of you today.

  2. Wishing you a safe trip with peace and love at the end of it. Say hello to Bud.

  3. Yes, say hello to Bud.
    I am sending him pictures of our bluebird family and have one last one for him… the little fledgling, learning to fly.
    Safe trip.

  4. Safe travels, Vicki!! And give our love to Bud.

  5. Those ARE beautiful photos of your elder baby bird, Vicki. I’m sorry you are all so scattered right now. Mentioning how he just wanted to be with his grandpa made me cry. So thanks for that. ;o) Sending Bud great peace and all of you great love.

  6. Those are such great shots. What cool children you have, Vicki. Seriously…

    Thinking of you & Bud. xo

  7. Thinking about all of you. Must be brutal to know that your child is so far away and wishing to be home. Sigh.

  8. So, they never really grow up? Praying for you as you travel, pack and help get Bud settled again. Lots on your plate and lots of transitions for you and yours. tell the Snarl to call if she needs a mom in your absence. I know just what to say, “No to Mexico, swine flu, weird fevers and diving get depths, yes, to staying home nice and safe and sound.” Got it covered.

  9. I really enjoyed reading this post and also went to see the portraits which I also enjoyed.

    Voices from the past > http://bing-it.blogspot.com/

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