Heading back ‘home’ one more time

This trip will be to pack and close and then help Bud get situated. I’m very busy around here, getting the place in order for cat sitters and finishing up paperwork and yardwork that would otherwise fall by the wayside over the next few weeks. I did take a morning out to complete a felting project. While I was visiting with my friends in Ann Arbor a few weeks ago we were bed and breakfasted by Marcy and Kevin. Marcy was curious about the process that resulted in a felted vessel and in particular, she couldn’t quite visualize how it was laid out around a flat one-dimensional object and then transformed into a 3 dimensional pot. I had some fiber with me since Kristen and I had been fiber shopping, naturally, so I demonstrated by laying one out around one of her IKEA placemats. Then we got busy with weddings and BCMA and Marcy didn’t have the supplies I needed to wet felt it in any case. In the end there was this big pillow of blue fuzzy that looked like just that. I threw it in the back of the car and said I would liberate her placemat soon. Back in Chicago it got tossed around like so much flotsam in a house full of moving jetsam and last week, back in Florida, I asked Rich to drop it in the mail to me. By the time it arrived it was quite a messy pile o’ wool. 

I tidied it up a bit and wet felted it early Tuesday before it got so hot and humid I couldn’t stand to be on the screen porch where I work. Now I’m shipping it off to Marcy as a thank you for housing us- but I’m keeping the placemat. I like the nice large size it makes and now I have a thought that this would be a wonderful shape for a fall series of pumpkins, squash and onion pods. Is that a silly idea or can you picture that? In wool dyed with natural dyes to make nice oranges and yellows and greens…

blueonionpod(This is made out of a rougher wool than I usually use, comes from your friendly corriedale sheep. It’s got some mohair yarn worked in and measures about 11 x 11. It feels pleasantly substantial and holds it’s shape very well.)



One of the BCMA friends sent this link from today’s Ann Arbor News. We always called the paper there the Snooze, which wasn’t very nice, especially since they are going out of business. What does it mean when one of the most educated cities in the nation is about to lose it’s daily print paper? Ah, me. Anyway, the link is to an article about a favorite landmark in Ann Arbor, the Washtenaw Dairy. It’s been on the same corner for 75 years and is considered the best walk to ice cream in town. They are about to celebrate those 75 years and the article is relevant here because it features this picture from 1958 of my very cute husband. He’s still that cute and he still has a big head, too. Anyway you want to take that. WASHDAIRY22 FILE(l to r, that’s brother Calvin, neighbor girl and sweet Rich.)


And here’s the photo we decided on for his book jacket. Still looks the same, right? I’m looking forward to seeing him again tomorrow night.IMG_1477

16 responses to “Heading back ‘home’ one more time

  1. I got a huge box o’ baby alpaca in the mail today. It was going to be tossed as the lady doesn’t raise them for their wool. DOH!! What does one do to prevent moths from eating away at the felted vessel?

  2. amarkonmywall

    Angie- I have 4 of the safer clothes moths traps for a 1400 sq ft house. They use that phermone approach that attracts and sticks the breeding males. After 6 months of use I have absolutely no moths- I see one occasionally flutter into a trap but I’ve had no moth damage at all. In my bins of wool I use either moth balls or natural repellent. Wormwood is a GREAT plant to grow for this purpose and it smells wonderful as well. Is your alpaca carded or raw- I’m assuming raw…have fun with that. 😉

  3. What a sweet surprise to see Rich in the article! And actually, how sweet you 2 are just in general. Warms my heart to hear you talk about him 🙂

  4. It is raw. Fresh from the babies and mommas. Close to 20 lbs!!!

  5. I do so love all of your felted bowls & vessels. I imagine that once safely ensconced in Asheville you’ll have all the time & space you need to wow us weekly with your talent. Fingers Crossed!

  6. Vicki, the felted vessel is really wonderful, and the color is to die for!

    Rich still looks sweet and has the same haircut. There must be some pleasure taken in that – he’s consistent!!

    Take care on your trip – don’t work too hard – and keep us posted on Bud’s progress.

  7. I saw that photo in the news, but the name didn’t click. I didn’t realize Rich was an Ann Arbor native.

  8. Safe travels! I will look forward to seeing you upon your return! Perhaps then we will both be a bit more settled and can have a good chat without worrying about the time. Give Bud a hug! And Rich, too.

  9. I liked the felt piece, but I must admit I am blown away by the children in the ice cream shoppe. Those water cups in the metal holders made us ask for more.

    Love the photo for the jacket. And I love his serious little boy face as well.

    Have a great trip and tell Bud the Golden Girls send their best.

  10. There’s that handsome man that drove me back to my hotel 2 Julys ago! Does he still have my jazzercise plate on his car?

  11. Aw! Nice pictures of Rich!

    Um. Can’t think of anything else to say. So tired right now. So not clever.

    Safe travels, friend. Hugs to Bud.

  12. Great photo of the young Rich. It really captures a time, doesn’t it?

  13. Oh, the memories that picture brought back. I remember dairy stores and those paper cones they put in the cups. What a wonderful shot….
    So when are you going to come and demonstrate your felting here?

  14. Wonderful photos of Rich. Hasn’t changed a bit. Wish he’d been there when I visited. NEXT time. 🙂

    Love the felted vessel and YES it would make a wonderful shape for an autumn series! Absolutely!

    Safe travels, friend.

  15. Great pics of Rich! I’ve never wet felted. Wish I could get together with you so you could teach me! 🙂

  16. That link didn’t work for me. I know the Ann Arbor News thinks it’s going to bring along a lot of its regular readers to its website version of the local news but its website is notoriously quirky.

    My wife loves those Washtenaw Dairy t-shirts. She’s had more than one during the course of our marriage (29 years as of yesterday).

    Go Wings!

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