Onward and upward


While good little owls are busy growing ear tufts, a certain little owl is busy growing fat. All four are eating well and Wheezer and Stretch have taken on that protective air of parents. Wheezer, our foster mom, is poised for attack as she watches me in the enclosure. Soon we will stop taking pictures and start trying to teach these babies to hunt. I’ll do an update on that when “the killing field” is up and running.


11 responses to “Onward and upward

  1. I’m so glad that they will learn to hunt. That skill will help set them free. They are quite beautiful. How lucky that you get to spend such fine quality time with them.

  2. Wonderful creatures! I, too, am glad they have you to work with them.

  3. Cutesters! Hunt training them should be a hoot!

  4. They are too funny and cute. I’m fascinated by the fact that Wheezer accepted them so readily. Is that typical? Or was she just so ready for motherhood that it didn’t matter that these little guys didn’t hatch from her own eggs?

  5. They are just soooooo cute. I think I am in love.

  6. I love them too. They help me forget that our foxes have departed for sunnier climes.

  7. They are so adorable… in fact, it looks like one of the little ones has the same lazy eye as the foster mom… she could be his real mom! I don’t know why the owl is so cute… We had them in the forest neighborhood where we lived in Mississippi. In the spring and fall when weather permitted, I would open the windows at night and listen to the little…”who-who-who”…. I wish we had some here.

  8. Wow, indeed, these are impressive photographs of fabulous creatures.

  9. Love the stink eye look you are getting from them. The one eye half-closed is very effective. 🙂

  10. Owl faces are just wonderful. They appear to be saying–who (or WHOOO)–me?

  11. I love that last photo!!

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