I don’t suppose drafts count…

It seems every day is Wordless Wednesday around here. Spirit, the 20 year old Bald Eagle at Boyd Hill, always has words for me when I go into her mews.


 (I’m pretty sure she’s yelling, “It’s Fish Friday! It’s Fish Friday!”)

beetle(A change from the nightly anole, McCloud brought this chafer beetle in to careen about the room until he settled for a picture.)

heron(It’s getting hot when I give the tram tour du jour midday at Boyd Hill, but the gators are frisky now and this Little Blue Heron is a fine specimen to show late season tourists.)


16 responses to “I don’t suppose drafts count…

  1. Show everyone those gorgeous vessels you have made! You have been busy creating though not with words these days.

  2. Thanks for the birdies and beetle. Love love love Little Blue Herons.

  3. Well, if this is a draft–I can’t wait to see the finished product.
    Gorgeous pics.

  4. I thought this was going to be a beer post.

  5. Draft-smaft…. we all KNOW this isn’t all that has been going on…… We… or at least I… need your wonderful prose so full of information and fun… so come back… Mr. Rhett is literally wasting away for his Sophie… (he lost a pound last year in the vet visit, I think old age is finally catching up with our crew)

  6. Gorgeous photographs. Yes, drafts DO count, just as “I was planning to….” counts.

  7. I would like an eagle to talk to me like that.

  8. I love that beetle picture! He looks so snug and well-armored.

    I’ll post again if you post again. We’ll work through our blogging angst together.

  9. So glad to hear you’re going to be around longer. I guess you’ll really experience our Florida summer since you have a renter in NC. It isn’t pretty.

    I like you photos of the sponges…should have realized it was a “posed” photo…lol.

  10. I don’t know what it is about blue herons, but I am in serious like with them.

  11. That is a lovely heron, reminds me of the grey one who hangs out here in the pond.

  12. So what is the eagle’s complaint? I figured with your background in animals and psychology, you could give us an analysis.

    I ask because we did a tour of a very similar nature preserve near Tybee Island in Georgia and they also had an eagle in a similar enclosure who would not shut up when anybody was near. Nearly all the other animals in the preserve were fairly mellow by comparison.

  13. That Bald Eagle is magnificent! You know, we saw one the other day along the river walk. Just hanging out in a tree. Wild.

    Thank you so much for your kind words regarding my blog anniversary. I really appreciate it. 😀

  14. I’ve only heard about one bald eagle that was affectionate….the rest were rather cantankerous.

  15. For the love of Prometheus!

    I lepidus to the conclusion that the second photo was a dung beetle.

    From heron out I shall refrain from punning.

  16. I will be computerless for a couple more days and wanted to wish you Godspeed as you travel on Sunday. I will be thinking of you as you say your good byes, but know that new friends here in the Sunny South are looking forward to your return soon. Love, Cathy

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