Sidetracked, but taking note(s)


9 responses to “Sidetracked, but taking note(s)

  1. Oh, a blessed Easter to you.. what beautiful felted eggs. I did some felting the other day… too bad I wasn’t actually trying to do felting…..
    Come back!!!!!

  2. Ah, the traditional Easter tree and fish ….

  3. So, why didn’t my little felted ball look so nice?

  4. That is a very cute fish.

  5. Hello to you, too! And Happy Easter! Is Keri there yet?

  6. The fish is adorable!

  7. You have been missed!

  8. Your lovely creations remind me of what my father used to say when my mother explained that the fabric she bought to make me a new outfit was pima cotton or merino wool: “As long as it’s not felt.”

    The fish is a Christian symbol, n’est-ce pas? Blessed, belated Easter!

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