It could also be a hat for, say, Her Majesty, the Queen Mother

Nothing but a few good words for wordless Wednesday.


The thumb is mending well.

photo-7(Blurred due to graphic content.)


The Earth Boxes are doing their thing.

earthboxes(cilantro? mustard greens anyone?)


The orchids are blooming.

orchids(Blurred due to graphic content.)


I’m teaching a wet felt flower class on Friday. And then I’m babysitting. As our situation changes, new opportunities present themselves…

hibiscus-bowl(An upscale Easter basket?)

I’m going to reach out to Wende for advice on setting up my Etsy Shop.


(I use it for my favorite feathers. You could also use it for pencils or paint brushes or anything you need to cache. Because, you know, it’s a cache pot.)

Rich’s book is hot off the press, today. More on that tomorrow.

simplecommunitycoversw300h225(These are just the cover proofs without spine text. I’ll show you the real deal soon.)

Life is good. And you?

12 responses to “It could also be a hat for, say, Her Majesty, the Queen Mother

  1. LOVE the felt stuff – especially the green one with the poppy – it’s just beautiful!! I hope you sell a million of them! It’s nice to hear that the thumb is healing well – how can you felt with that injury?
    I look forward to the book.

  2. The macro button is the little flower lookin’ thingie.

  3. I am trying to figure out which one could be the Queen’s hat?
    The graphic content finger reminds me of a kitchen self-inflicted injury I suffered several years ago. I was grating cheese–and, yup, I grated my thumb. I took the skin flap, and stuck it back in place, bandaged it all around, and waited. I now have a grate shaped bump on my thumb.
    I know–it sounds gross, but I figured as one who has lived through kitchen trauma, you would not flinch.
    Hope you keep on healing.

  4. The thumb looks suspiciously like mine did….OUCH!
    I love those felted flowers… they are really beautiful!

  5. Beautiful! Can’t wait to see them in person. I looked for Rich’s book on Amazon and did not see it yet. It looks interesting.

  6. Your felting is really so lovely, vicki. I don’t know how you do it with that injury. I’m glad you are keeping busy.

    BTW– I deactivated my Facebook account yesterday.

  7. Hope the thumb heals well quickly enough. It’s a tough time with an injured thumb.

    The feathers are quite a variety. I liked your blog header, how discplined they are.

  8. Good to hear a bit of a smile in your voice again. Life is about normal here. Husband may or may not be able to leave on schedule from Nigeria next week. Such is our life.

    Our son will be home for Spring Break and I’ll enjoy having his company. I’ll go over to the beautiful Hill Country and fetch him. So it’ll be a nice reprieve out of town each trip. Poor Max will not like being boarded for a night, though. He stays at our Vets boarding service and they love him but he prefers his own people. Oreo the cat may or may not notice I am gone Thursday night.

    That’s all I’ve got for you today.

  9. Easter flowers, baskets and hats! Blessed Lent!

    Wet felt flower class sounds deliciously erotic! It would be great après hot flow yoga class, n’est-ce pas?

    The titles of those books are rich, indeed!

  10. Love your art. Glad your thumb is better. (Captions made me laugh!). Life is good here — intense but good.

  11. Here’s a link to instructions for building your own earth boxes for cheap:

  12. Great review! You actually covered some nice things on your blog. I came across it by using Yahoo and I’ve got to admit that I already subscribed to the RSS feed, it’s very great 🙂

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