(Wordless) Wednesday’s Child

Since last we visited, our lives have and are changing. I am in the closet looking for silver linings. While I do that, you look at these photos, please.


(A very special gift of friendship at just the right moment. Providence, indeed.)



(And when I return from Terra Ceia, a very peculiar and mysterious package on my doorstep.)

IMG_1221(Do I eat it or turn it into a cottage industry?)

IMG_1226(A work in progress. Yes. Now I am felting dried aspen leaves. Go figure.)

IMG_1234(A finished piece. I like it a lot.)

IMG_1230(hand dyed merino, mulberry silk, a bit of sparkle and hand blown glass beads. These things are hard to photograph well.)

IMG_1235(Keep it, market it, or give it away?)

partner1(These two were high atop a snag at Boyd Hills when I gave a tram tour the other day. I wish Rich was here.)

9 responses to “(Wordless) Wednesday’s Child

  1. I’d never be able to get rid of those bowls, whether by selling or gifting. They’re beautiful!!!

    Love seeing the parrots snuggled like that.

    I am praying that you find the silver linings, and that you will tell us about it soon.

  2. Wow! The manatee looks swimmingly on your blog. The bowls are so pretty. I can’t wait to see them in person.

  3. Life has a way of twisting its way around us.

    Wish I was there to share a bottle of wine with you.

    I’m x-ing and o-ing you like crazy here.


  4. Oh, I love the manatee. I know where that came from.

    Sinding hugs your way. The silver lining is there!

  5. Hope everything is ok, or will be ok, with you…

  6. I am trying to come up with something funny to say. I want to make you laugh. I’ve got nothing. If you were here, in the house with us, I’d get up and do a goofy dance. It always makes Roger laugh. Okay, I’m dancing…

  7. Holding good thoughts. Life has a way, eh? Treading water is exhausting.

  8. The problem with marketing your felted bowls with handblown beads is that they’re worth about a gazillion dollars–any less, and you’d be cheating yourself.

  9. Your felted bowl? Wow!

    The manatee makes me smile.

    And I have a feeling that you two will be fine.

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