Wordless Wednesday

aka root canal Wednesday. Felting interruptus Wednesday. Husband back in Chicago Wednesday. Spectacular weather in gulf coast Florida Wednesday. But mostly, root canal Wednesday. Drool, mumble, moan, eat? TALK soon. xoxoxo.





            (Merino wool, silk, tencel, black fresh water pearls.)



   (Merino wool, hand dyed mulberry silk cap, mother of pearl buttons.)


(slippers of 100% merino top, lined with merino, mohair, silk, corriedale blend. Shaped on vintage shoe molds, custom sized.)

16 responses to “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Oh. my. Your felting continues to DAZZLE! Truly amazing!

  2. I assume all these projects means that the cat is naked.

  3. You are so incredibly creative. I don’t know where you get your energy, but could you bottle it and please send me a large shipment. Good luck with that root canal. With a good endodontist they don’t really hurt.

  4. FC- That’s the neighbor’s black lab you see there…

  5. Now how do you get the patterns in the felting to come out so orderly?

  6. Roxanne- on the hat, I rolled up layers of colored wool, and then cut them thin to make wool “buttons”- sort of the way you would if you were making fimo clay beads. And then placed swirls of light blue silk and tencel around those. The biggest challenge is getting the seat of a pair of panty hose on top of the whole thing, which already laid out over an inflatable ball, without disturbing the design. It takes four hands and size extra large panty hose. That’s how big it was and how much it shrinks in the felting process. But you know, the world is full of left over panty hose at the moment…

  7. Roxanne- no wait. That’s on the vessel. On top of the layers of black wool on the ball. Sorry. On the hat, I spread a dyed silk cocoon out over it. I’l show you that process in photos soon because the cocoons and what they turn into, is quite amazing.

  8. That’s it. I’m covinced that this so-called “Vicki ” person is in fact a tribe of women. No one person on their own can get as much done in so many areas of life as is display on this blog.

  9. I love your felting! Good luck with the dentist….hate the dentist…..

  10. Do you sell such lovely things?

  11. LOL at Heidi; it’s probably true!

    Vicki, I love, love, love the slippers!!!

    Hope the root canal goes well. Been there, all too often.

  12. Absolutely gorgeous. Ever piece. Where is your etsy store?

  13. Tribe Vicki!

    Hey, I could use a pair of slippers, y’know.

  14. Absolutely gorgeous! Sorry about the root canal. Hope things are better soon.

  15. Wow! Want to trade some glass for some slippers? Who did your root canal? We rent our treasured piece of summertime heaven over the Rainbow from a St. Petersburg oral surgeon.

  16. i give you hugs! Martha Stewart and, more importantly, Amy Sedaris would be proud of your creations….

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