“Time for the weather report. It’s cold out folks. Bonecrushing cold.”

Northern Exposure was a great show with some wonderful dialogue. I am heading back to Chicago at 6 am for a couple days of zoo seminar and the business of life and then I’ll return here to sunny St. Petersburg until April. I’m leaving my woolly projects…


my quirky felted slippers…






and Hannibal to enjoy the warmth and sunshine in my absence. See you in a couple…



14 responses to ““Time for the weather report. It’s cold out folks. Bonecrushing cold.”

  1. I love your woolly projects – the slippers are wonderful – and your cats!! Stay warm in Chicago and hurry back to blogland.

  2. Hurry back to our sunny clime.

  3. What kind of arch support do those cozy slippers provide? Inquiring minds want to know….

  4. Am actually looking at my calendar!!! Woopy! Hugs.

  5. When the temps dropped down to the 40s in LA last week, my sister said, “It’s cold here, bitter cold.” They don’t know from bitter cold, do they? Stay warm and safe journey, vicki.

  6. LOL, Robin is right. Visiting my brother in LA and hearing how cold it was provided endless amusement. Chicago, on the other hand, knows cold. And your old stomping grounds A2 is absolutely cuckoo with snow this year. You must really like this zoo gig to leave the warm sunny south this time of year.

    And yes, Northern Exposure was great, especially the first couple of years.

    Stay warm, have a safe trip, and enjoy the zoo.

  7. Have fun! Your wool projects absolutely blow my mind. So gorgeous!!!

  8. Safe travels, Vicki and bundle up. I, too, loved watching Northern Exposure. Terrific writing.

  9. I bet you fly right over my house.
    I will try and remember to wave.

  10. Safe journey. Give oldest son a hug if you meet him an the airport somewhere. He is on his way “home”, but that is weird, because it is not my home, but his home in Pensacola.

  11. I just heard that flights in Chicago are grounded. HAVE FUN.

  12. Also, make some time to go visit Raehan. She’s pulling a Bonnie on us.

  13. I think I’m allergic to wool. That’s too bad too since I’m stuck up here in wintry Michigan. I’m planning a mid-winter get-away to London, England. Hopefully, I can at least get a tan there so people can be envious when I get back.

    I like that picture of the bird walking through what looks like a swirling mirror image of what’s above. That’s pretty cool.

  14. You may want to take your felted slippers with you – as liners for socks. It is a wee bit past chilly here in the upper midwest.

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