Still here and the zoo is all aglow


Just a quick note, checking in. All is well. Thanksgiving was wonderful, with the children, Rich and Bud. Those kids. I have much to be thankful for there. Abby and Misha flew up from school and Daniel was here in town playing a show at Schubba’s the day after Thanksgiving. They didn’t go on until almost midnight and then they played a two hour set. I was beyond fading but Bud, who hadn’t ever really seen a live NOMO show, was grooving and clapping. He kept telling everyone, “That’s my grandson” and pretty soon he had a large following of 20-somethings dancing around him and patting him on the back and giving him lots of positive strokes for having such a fine musician in the family.

Bud was in fine form. I’m pretty much done listening to his nonsense about the wishes and needs of “an old man who probably won’t be around much longer.” He’s got that line down pat but he looks fit and stronger and healthier than ever. He  says things like, “If I don’t have a great-grandchild soon, who knows…” and “You wouldn’t deny an old man a third helping of potatoes, would you? Pass the salt and butter.” In addition to dancing into the wee hours we wandered all over the (cold. COLD. WINDY.) zoo. ZooLights are back at Lincoln Park and it’s very pretty with a dusting of snow. The night visitors make the lowland gorillas a bit grumpy; all the other animals seem to just ignore the increase in activity and noise.

I’m surrounded by half finished sweaters, felted slippers, socks, scarves. I go to bed at night picking wool fuzz out of my mouth and I know how the cats feel about hairballs. Soon, we make the trek south and that’s good because I’m already hunkering down and moving less in this cold. There’s lots more to tell, including a very weird encounter with HDTV, but I’m trying to prioritize here so I’ll be intermittent in posting. FC has a new pig- go check her out.


9 responses to “Still here and the zoo is all aglow

  1. I’ve been thinking about learning to knit this winter, but if it means I’m going to understand how my cats feel when they have hairballs, I may have to reconsider.

    Your zoo tree photo is really gorgeous (and I’m usually a white lights kind of girl). I’m glad your Thanksgiving was family-filled, and that you’ll be getting out of the cold soon.

  2. Good to hear from you, and yes, the second to the last pig has arrived at PFHQ.
    Come visit with name suggestions.

  3. It’s good to hear from you. How nice to have all the family together. It’s chilly here, not not freezing, of course. See you soon?

  4. I don’ t know that you will be much warmer here. We are freezing, but then, there is that nice warm sun to bask in in the afternoon. Manatees are coming into town looking for you and wondering when you will come home. And Fourth Street Shrimp Store has a mug of chowder with your name on it.

  5. How can you tease us about HGTV and not tell the story!!??

    The Zoo lights are beautiful!

  6. We are about to have an encounter with HDTV courtesy of my brother and I am absolutely clueless and the cable company has now thoroughly confused me about what has to be done.

    I need a remedy for knees… it feels like they need a good lube job….heat? ice? baseball bat?

    Love these lights….

  7. Glad to hear from you. That picture of the zoo . . . wow. Our Thanksgiving was great, too but I’ve been in a blue funk ever since and haven’t uploaded pictures or posted much of any worth. ‘Tis the season?

  8. Well, hellooooooooo there. Nice to see ya.

    Thanksgiving sounds like it was fun, Bud is a hoot, and hell yes, get on that plane and head for Florida.

    I have missed you, Vicki.

  9. Sounds like all is well there. I’m so glad. Looking forward to the view from Florida.

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