A Hurry Up and Wait Kinda Day

Whatcha doing?

My day is set. Vote at 6 am, bone scan at 740 am, doctors appointment at 1140 am (both routine), knitting while in lines and waiting rooms and on public transportation. Then…will I be able to nap for a bit? Because I have a very big evening ahead of me.

Enjoy this historic day. Better yet, be a part of history.


(You can enlarge the photo and see where I’ll be tonight. Only this event would draw me into such a mass of cheering humanity.)

14 responses to “A Hurry Up and Wait Kinda Day

  1. So, what’s the big evening? Staying up late with your fingers and toes crossed? I want to stay up all night but it will make me miserable tomorrow so I guess I will force myself to go to bed. But will I be able to sleep?

  2. I have already voted, so today will be spent running errands and praying that my candidate wins. I will probably stay up until a clear winner is announced – and I hope that is possible before midnight!!

  3. Voted early this morning, long lines of Americans doing what they need to do.
    I love it.

  4. I voted early and secretly wish I could vote again. One good thing about being here in the Pacific time zone, our night may not have to go so late to know the election outcome. Good luck to us all.

  5. hey, vickster, I am far behind in reading, commenting, and responding, but not in voting. I was able to drop off my absent voter ballot before I left town and now am sitting in the airport waiting to head home and head out to the election day parties. Good deal this year with long lines anticipated everywhere.

  6. I early voted two weeks ago so now we wait. I hope, if your candidate is successful tonight in winning, that you and your fine husband have a wonderful night in Grant Park.

    Sending a friendly hug over the Interwebs to you.

  7. Have a great time tonight!

  8. Sounds like fun — I’m watching MSNBC and they showed the Grant Park party — hope you are having a blast there. I’m so excited that I have a headache! 🙂

  9. Looking for you on the tv….

  10. I can’t believe you are there to hear Obama in person. How cool is that! Unbelievable.

  11. I was watching the celebration in Grant Park, and wondering whether you were there. How cool! I’m so thrilled tonight.

  12. Wasn’t that you, standing next to Oprah?

  13. I want to hear your report! I kept looking for you on TV.

  14. Couldn’t find you on my TV. Guess I need an upgrade from 37″!

    Ain’t this a gas???!! Finally, someone with brain in the White House.

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