Relatively Wordless Wednesday: Getting pumpkined up for voting!

(Rich suggested that this is my Obama-Hannibal pumpkin with all of those toothpick supports. I tried.)

Pumpkin Curry Soup

Flesh of one large pumpkin

1 heaping tablespoon Muchi curry powder

1/2 tablespoon ground jamaican allspice

1 teaspoon salt

Igo seasoning or other Basque sweet red pepper spice.

12 ounces chicken broth

8 ounces half and half

4 ounces cream


cutting away skin and stringy seed part, place chunks of pumpkin in 9 x13 baking dish with 1/2 inch of water on the bottom. Bake at 350 degrees until mushes with a fork, adding more water if dish goes dry. Takes about one hour.

Run pumpkin through food processor, adding in broth and spices. Check for taste- should be nice blend of mild curry plus sweetness of pumpkin and allspice.

Transfer to large saucepan and add dairy, stirring until blended, heat to less than a boil.

dish and sprinkle just a smidge of Igo seasoning on top. Serves 6.

(Pumpkin seeds, sea salt, 1/2 teaspoon olive oil. 1 hour at 325 degrees)


3 responses to “Relatively Wordless Wednesday: Getting pumpkined up for voting!

  1. The soup sounds divine. One of my favorite foods in Haiti was pumpkin soup. That is the traditional New Years dish there. I think yours is probably a little richer.

  2. I’m sure I’d love that soup, but unless it can be made with fat free half and half – we’re out of luck.

    We voted, but we canceled each other’s vote. Pooh.

  3. I’m not a curry fan but I love your pumpkin. Our toasted pumpkin seeds turned out soooooo delish this year.

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