Cursing Cursing Mama

As it is, I have followers and classmates and crushes, people throwing cyber sheep at me, total strangers sending me cyber plants to tend and writing on a superwall I don’t know how to access. Despite the fact that I AM A SOCIAL NETWORKING FAILURE. People, I suck at this. I have 143 pending “requests” for some kind of response. Mostly from people who don’t know me or want to know me and vice versa. I am the most inconsistent, intermittent, random, stream-of-conscious internet acquaintance you have. The good news, for me, is that I have reconciled myself to it. I am sorry if you think I don’t care because I really do. I try to be responsive when it matters, but I am completely smug about posting 4 times in 3 days and then not again for three weeks. I might throw two dozen Corriedales, fling eggs full of dolphins and twitter madly for 24 hours and then, poof! And yet.

I love my internet buddies. We are there for each other when it counts and we are comrades against the slings and arrows of life, death, naughty children, extra pounds, hormones and spambots. Yesterday, Cursing Mama (“Yarn Ho Ho and a bottle of Rum”) either burdened or blessed me with a new friend (probably both, the burden being that it is one more drop in the guilt pool. She’ll join the ranks of Wren and Raehan and Margaret and Alala and Robin and ad infinitum). I mean, how could I NOT be friends with someone who writes: ‘I have decided that Ohio must be a really tough place, because the only people I know who move to FL and don’t go “Oh fuck, what have I DONE?” are from Ohio. I have scratched Ohio off my potential relocation list, with a very dark, thick Sharpie marker.’ With roots in both Ohio and Florida, this makes me laugh.  Small Bossy Dog lives in Orlando (poor thing) and is in the immediate aftermath of losing her mother (poor thing). She thinks I live the life she wants (poor thing). She hasn’t dug deep enough yet to read about the Bud and Jan Show, the OCD musician, that jello-wrestling snip, the loss of my home and the pain of retirement, rats in the alley, and blah, blah, blah. We have more in common than she knows. Plus, she plays with wool. Anyway, I like her style and she’s a good read and this is one of those times when it’s nice to feel the love, even if it’s from total strangers who match you on internet tests like, “What kind of pajamas are you?” So go say hello and commiserate, please.

In other news, I haven’t been very political here but I just got off the phone with the OCD musician my son, who is still worrying that the other one might win. I said to him, “don’t believe it. That one will win.” And he said, in his most Eeyore voice, “weellll, I hope so because things have been soooo awful…” And I said, “don’t think that things are going to get better right away because they are not. It’s just that we will be a country all in the soup together again. We will be working together for health and education and freedom and the environment and the future.” For me, to think that this could be a time when we do, in fact, all start sharing our PB&J, with a united spirit and that this will happen in my life time so I can see a time when my son has health insurance and my daughter sees a hopeful enough future that she wants to have grandchildren for me a child or two- well, hooray! You know, we earn just a tad more than Joe the Plumber (than he actually earns that is, not what he initially claimed to earn). We’re close to that critical cusp of “Your taxes are going up!” And we will cough up our share willingly. According to the Brookings Institute and The Tax Policy Center, that’s only about 148.00 more dollars if Obama wins. (But if we earned 2 million dollars, under McCain we would pay almost 5,000 less in taxes. I can’t imagine any part of that equation.) Me? I think we should pay even more, but then I’m a socialist social worker by choice and training. Anyway, I could go on and on and on…Suffice it to say, I believe it. I really do.

Hey! Guess what? The e-mail for tickets to the Election Night Event in Grant Park came at 2:36pm yesterday afternoon and by 2:58pm people were wait listed. You know who got two tickets at 2:41pm? Huh, huh?

I’ve been a busy little bee the past few days. (Who said: ” You can get some good stuff online…you know, you’re a busy woman and you just go, click,click…”?) I got tickets for Jersey Boys and also Porgy and Bess at Lyric Opera- both in December. There’s a fiber arts show at the Chicago Botanic Gardens next week. My nuno felting class starts this Saturday.

Finally, there’s this fellow living under a rock by the patio at the Asheville house. So many things in life are good news-bad news, ya know?


14 responses to “Cursing Cursing Mama

  1. I know that semi-guilt you feel when you can’t respond to every email, meme, request and post. We all have it, I think, so don’t let it worry you too much. We do what we can.

    Ouch. What kind of snake is that?

  2. I’m not OCD (much) and I still have a little tiny bit of that niggling worry right along with your son. Stranger things have happened. And there are too many of those other signs in this older populated neighborhood of mine. And my PARENTS! And OTHER relatives of mine. I swear I was born of aliens and planted among these people. *sniffle* I still get skeered. I do. I admit it.

  3. Too many things are scaring me right now: the election, how my name got in your post(?), Ashley’s trip to Africa, my upcoming echocardiogram, etc…I’m just going to grab a book and pretend none of it is happening!

  4. Oh, pish-posh. I figure if people fling sheep at me then they don’t really deserve a response. It’s unkind to me and to the sheep. 🙂 Life is too short for that much guilt.

    As for me. I am grateful for whatever part of your life you have the time and/or inclination to share with us.

  5. That looks like a copperhead to me. Yes? How did you get that picture?

    I like how you’ve worked out the whole blogging guilt thing. Good for you. These days I find that I worry much less than I used to about posting. I do what I can.

    You are a wonderful internet buddy. I can’t tell you how comforting it was to get your email last night after you saw my sad twitter.

  6. I was just thinking today about all the things and people who pull at me, one inch at a time, I seem to be disappearing. I think I’ll write a post about it. When I have time…

    As always good to hear from you and a glimpse into your life no matter how small is interesting.

  7. Yes, we have copperheads and timber rattlers here in the WNC mountains. As you know, the good news is they eat rats like crazy. The bad news is you don’t want to surprise one.

    V, you need to go buy and read Ron Rash’s new novel, Serena. I just finished it. Amazing. All about these mountains in the early 1930s.

  8. What am I, chopped liver?!

    I shall hold Bhujangasana in honor of you and your Copperhead friend.

    Nothing sucks; Atmospheric pressure pushes!

  9. Social networking – ROCKS!
    Keri was born of aliens
    Is an OCD musician better/easier than an ADHD musician?
    I BELIEVE! and not just in Santa (that should be a post title!)
    Snakes scare the hell out of me – tell me you used some super dooper telephoto lens for that thing.

  10. Here’s a wonderful video to go along with your pumpkin:

  11. Bonnie’s all sciencey!

    Well, I could see how “felting class” could be bad news, but at least you have that beautiful copperhead as a neighbor.

  12. I know that Eeyore voice – mostly because it’s been caught in the throats of the peers around me for months. I tell them that no matter what happens, at least you’re not a 5yr old with no consciousness of the matter – and either way you’re about to be witness to the most important race of your lifetime. This is my first time voting as a Californian and there’s a slew of propositions that are bringing young people to their feet like I’ve never seen. How very exciting. One might even say it’s even bringing the Tigger out in me.

  13. I’ll bet that’s a coral snake, or a rattlesnake, or a krait, or something else that’s evil. Do not be putting down Obama, or next thing you know I will be sending in the crocodiles….

  14. I have 124 lil green patch requests and 118 other facebook requests. Cheese, people, get a life, I want to say, while also thinking, wow, someone knows I exist? The snake is lovely… Do you want me to ask my fiend the herpetologist how to encourage her to find a better home?


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