Once upon a time, there was a handsome gray cat living at the animal hospital in Chicago, waiting for, wanting a new home. His person had died, so he sat atop a cat tree, waiting and wanting. And then he was snatched up, backed into a cat carrier, passed through airport security and flown to St. Petersburg, Florida to live with a new person. She named him Greyson.

After a bit Grey calmed down and came out from under the person’s bed. He discovered that she also shared her home with an immigrant who spoke Russian and had no particular affection for cats. Grey was determined to learn Russian in a way that would win the heart of this immigrant.

One day, when his person was away at school and Grey was home alone with the Russian, a little bird came by. Since the bird had hit his head on their window he decided he should sit a while on the porch and collect himself. As it was, the little bird was a very long way from home, an immigrant of sorts. The Russian brought him inside and introduced him to Grey.

Grey briefly considered his options.

In the end, Grey reached across the aisle.

There was an accord.

A silly, happy sort of detente, which only goes to show that peace is always a possiblity.

(Positive ID this bird? I’m pretty sure I know but I’m not certain…)

25 responses to “Detente

  1. Female yellow warbler?

    Carl Stephenson’s got nuttin’ on you, Vicki!

  2. What adorable photos! That is an amazing cat; our Kendra would make a pile of feathers and nude corpse out of that bird in two minutes.

  3. That would make a wonderful children’s book. I had forgotten about that cat. I’m so glad that he’s doing well. He is indeed a beauty. I don’t know the bird’s i.d.

    Go Rays!

  4. Sweet story. I like Beverly’s idea of a children’s book.

  5. Uh. Wow. Amazing story. Remarkable cat. Crazy Russian thinking they could work it out (but they DID!). America, what a country!

  6. What a great story, Vicki. Just so heartwarming and necessary in these times. Fantastic photos too.

  7. The bird looks like a gold finch.

    Great cat!

  8. Terrific! I had photos on the blog from an email last week of a cat and bird making friends. That cat Greyson is beautiful!

  9. Lucky bird! (Sweet cat!)

  10. Sweet story. The cat of the house here, though, would not be so open to friendship. Oreo does like to chase the birds.

  11. If one bird hit the window many more have – and concussions are just as lethal for birds as people. Window collisions are killing billions of birds every year – it’s the #1 killer and causing a tremendous decline in most bird species.

    So redecorate the window so that it is visible to birds, please.

  12. What a wonderful story of a remarkable friendship. 🙂 Thank you for sharing it, my friend.

  13. Well, this settles the mystery of the missing Darvon.
    No wonder that cat is so mellow … he’s cruising.

  14. Now there’s something you don’t see every day!

    I’m leaning towards a first year female Nashville warbler. I like this kind of birding, where I can look at the pictures as long as I want!

  15. I lean toward lesser goldfinch but am not certain. Its a wonderful little story – one that would never happen in my cat filled house 😉

  16. That is really cool. I never believe those stories about cats that learn to tolerate animals that they normally prey upon. But now I’ve seen proof!

  17. Migrating Tennessee Warbler?

  18. You know, I’m fairly certain that the Ancient Hebrew text that says the redeemer will bring Peace and “The Lion will lay down with the Lamb” has been misinterpreted for centuries. Maybe it actually says, “Cat will carry bird on back, and peace will prevail.”

    I’ll brush up on my Hebrew now. I’m going to be famous with this insight. 😀

  19. No idea what kind of bird that is, but I really enjoyed the story! And Greyson is a beautiful cat.

  20. Incredible. A cat without cat instincts.

    Great story!

  21. what a sweet little cute!

    our cats would think we brougt in a new toy!

  22. Love it!

    And happy early birthday, my friend. Love you as well 🙂

  23. Hi Vicki, I am in awe of your new Asheville home. My hubby and I have looked around that area too, also St. Petersburg, you have lived out our dreams…but we did just purchase a darling cottage in the woods here in southern PA and will travel to Florida to visit our kids there.

    Your cat and bird photos are so fun. I think the bird is a kfglienigg oh I had my fingers on the wrong keys, you will just have to guess what I was typing…. : ) I am sure I am correct!!!!

    Such ambitious plans that the kids have.

    Go RAYS!!!

  24. happy early birthday, my friend. Love you as well

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