Relatively Wordless Wednesday

I know that I’ve been selfishly silent in the comment world and that may continue for the next little bit but I’ve decided to try and be a tad more mature and up front about that and call it what it is. Self-centered. Right now, my world is all about me. Around here we’re turned inward as careers transition and change, as we try to steal away for a bit of fly fishing in the mountains we hope to call home in the not so distant future, and as I work to create something that feels, to me, like art. Several times in my life I’ve had windows open onto paths I’ve been compelled to follow and I think I might be looking at one of those now, so I’m putting most of my energy there, come what may.

In the meantime, I think about you: panning for gold, talking baby talk, settling into California coastal life, bracing for the empty nest, the next tropical storm, the beginning of the school year…and I feel so fortunate that you are in my life, in this world.

Last night I dreamed that I flew West to take care of someone’s children while they had to be away. There were eleven (count ’em!) and I was extremely anxious about how I would possibly keep track of them all and live up to the responsibility. In this dream the oldest were girls and young women who clued me in and helped me manage. The youngest was a darling little preschool boy and we had a very reasonable discussion about why it wasn’t a good idea to drink a lot of soda pop. We went to the beach and I was surprised that all was running smoothly and everyone was happy and content and I thought, “Wow! Who would have thought that things could go so right if you just sort of let life unfold?” It was like a big leap of faith thing. And then I found an Auk covered with oil on the beach and I knew the bird had to be cleaned up and cared for before he could swim again so I wrapped him in my sweater and we all went back to the house and the children watched a Christmas movie while I started meticulously cleaning each feather, every little zipper closing on every single feather. And then the children began to sing Christmas carols. Silly dream, yes?

22 responses to “Relatively Wordless Wednesday

  1. Thanks for keeping in touch with us and letting us know what is going on. No storm here.

  2. Hey, you don’t need to comment on our blogs, just keep commenting on yours! Don’t you just love it when you wake from a dream and can remember every single detail? I love piecing it all back together and figuring out, where did that come from?

  3. You take the phrase “take care” to new heights. It is lovely here, the horizon is dotted with white sails and the water is a gorgeous dusty blue. Wish you were here

  4. Yes, it was; but who knows what deep and meaningful part of life it signifies for you??!! Maybe someday it will all be clear as a bell.

    Mountains? Which mountains? Closer to the East, I hope!!!

  5. In what state are those mountains where you will go fly-fishing and someday call home? I hope Kenju doesn’t mind, but I was hoping it was out west.

    I love that critter — face and tail and everything inbetween.

  6. Transitions and change are part of life–but oh, how I rail against them at times. You may be in that place also. Mountains? I love them. We have lots in WA. (hint, hint)

  7. And what did Bonnie dream about last night? That she was giving a tour at the Chicago Zoo and started playing the Cello?

    I’m just saying.

    I can’t stand the cryptic nature of this post. Please email me.

  8. I want to know why it isn’t a good idea to drink a lot of soda pop.

  9. Selfish is good. At least that’s what I’m saying to myself. Love your dream. Eagerly awaiting details about your cryptic hints — and more patiently than Raehan, I think. 🙂

  10. Well… to counteract the empty nest and since it has almost been one year since precious Max left me and the hole just won’t get smaller…. I have sent my application in to adopt a rescue dog. Either Simon or Daisy…. both older cockers….

    I agree with Raehan that this is sooooo cryptic!

  11. Your dream sounds a little “Sound of Music” -ish to me. Well, except for the auk. And the lack of Nazis.

    Robin Andrea sent me here!

  12. Beautiful dream. Interesting how Bonnie serves as a guide even while we sleep.

  13. Wow, you have excellent recall on your dreams. I dream every night, all night long it seems (it’s a wonder I’m even rested when I wake up) and yet when I try to recount them to someone else, it sounds like pure nonsense. (Last night, for example, I had a dream that I could do laundry in the back of my CRV. Now, what does that mean, exactly?!)

  14. I dream. There are snippets of something there when I wake. But I can never grab hold of enough of them to recall anything. Well, I can’t say never. Rarely. *sigh* I love to hear others’ dreams. It always astounds me at their recall.

    Jumping on the wanna hear more about those mountains bandwagon…

  15. That picture at top: Is that an Auk? I never seed a Auk. Not personally in person, that are.

    If the picture at bottom is the Auk, I think I seed it once afore. In Alley Oop comics, it were.

    Come visit me sometime. (Oh, you already said you weren’t going to do that…..Oh, boy….

  16. I’m confused. Eleven children? A home in the mountains out west?

    Ohhhhhhhhhhh, I get it. It’s the lizard talking, isn’t it.

  17. Did Misha get home okay?

  18. Puff the Magic (Komodo) Dragon!

    Perhaps the Democratic Convention has you dreaming of Robert Kennedy’s family.

    My 11 would bawk
    For that poor little auk.

    I just returned from vacationing and holding yoga asanas in Glacier National Park. I hadn’t thought of hiring a babysitter, but had I, it
    would have been you. My youngest son’s form of meditation is fly-fishing and he likes to discuss the dangers of Mountain Dew, by the way.

    Soda pop, ice cream, sugar in my tea,
    I love you and you love me!

    Swilling sugary substances: Soda seriously secretes severe situations for the Sweetest of Sweeties.

    Spill your secret, serendipitous Sister!

  19. Regarding your recent moral dilemma at Mary’s blog: Ivory, like you, is pure, but it’s a slippery soap!

  20. Hiya! Just thought I’d let you know I’ve just spent a very enjoyable 3 hours back-reading your blog. That’s what I get for not blog-surfing like I used to.

    Now I’m wondering also – did Misha get back? And I’m downloading Ghost Rock right this second from iTunes. 🙂

    Hope to see you next year at Grand Marais!

  21. Thank you for your kind comments. Yes, I’m back from the funeral, and I’m so glad I went. I think all funerals should be Hawaiian Shirt Only. They absorb the tears better. They even found a tiny one for Elliott to wear! What a cutie.
    Big hugs,

  22. Hey you… I’ve been waiting on pins and needles to hear the news. I KNOW I’m the bottom of your list, girly. 😀 But, I’m not off it, am I??


    I’m in etsy hell. And headed back to my beloved country for 2 weeks soon. woohoo.

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