I’ll tell you something good

Evening! Back from a lovely and restorative weekend on the shore of Lake Michigan with my very best friends and lots of images. But first: Abby heard from Misha. He is well and safe and scheduled to fly home Wednesday, much to their mutual relief. St. Petersburg really is his home now but I can only imagine the layers of conflict and worry that he has about Russia, his parents and his grandmother. I look forward to seeing both of them relatively soon but I have no immediate plans to fly south. I am watching the weather maps as Hurricane Fay makes her way north and my neighbors keep a close eye on things at the bungalow.


Hi. My name is Vicki and I’m a fiberholic…

The icing on the cake for our women’s weekend was the annual Michigan Fiber Arts Festival being held a short 20 miles away at the Allegan County Fair Grounds. For four days we enjoyed perfect August weather, time on the beach, time fondling wool and admiring sheep.

(This beauty was a grand champion, producing some of the most delicious wool imaginable. Cleaned and carded, the angel soft roving sold for 3.00 an ounce. And we bought some.)

(Building after building, hundreds of vendors- home spinners, fiber artists, cottage industries- displayed their beautiful products. It was terrifyingly tempting for those of us who knit, spin, weave and felt.)

(Considering some handpainted homespun. We went together on enough for two sweaters and then spent considerable time back at the cottage winding it into balls.)

(A Russian woman was sitting in her booth knitting this beautiful mohair lace.)

(I didn’t buy this colorful hat but I did want a picture of it since I am beginning to make hats with one of my friends, a professional costumer. We spent part of the weekend mulling over the construction of bishop’s hats from the Renaissance era. They didn’t look anything like this.)

(Audrey and I have been talking about buying an alpaca or two to keep at her farm and use for fiber, so we spent some time educating ourselves on the ins and outs of alpaca farming. Mostly, it confirmed what we already knew: beautiful breeding females like this championship mother and her  6 week old cria are way, way out of our league, with prices often reaching more than 30,000.)

(Instead, we seriously considered Tiny, an unusually small male, not really destined to be a herdsire, but a great producer with lots of soft fiber with a nice crimp. Here he is humming at Audrey.)

(Back at the cottage, it was fine dining around the clock)

(The cottage is small so three of us slept in my tent, with wonderful cool breezes and a full moon.)

And how was your weekend?

14 responses to “I’ll tell you something good

  1. I camped in a tent too and was by the wonderfully restorative water most of the weekend in our hot weather. So, my weekend was nice. I’m delighted to hear that Misha is doing well; he’s been on my mind.

  2. So glad to hear that Misha is safe! Phew!!! Your weekend at the wool show looks fab. I personally hope you do get an alpaca — I can enjoy vicarious ownership. They are SO cute and I love their wool. So amazingly soft.

  3. What I think is that there is NOTHING you can’t do. Seriously.

    Also VERY glad Misha is safe.

    And, I love the picture of the sea, and of you in the hat.

  4. Wild and woolly weekend, Wonder Woman!

    I guess the rumor that you and someone named Cristina were spotted in Barcelona is false then.

  5. Wonderful news about Misha!

    I love all the pictures with this post. You are the most un-boring person that I know.

  6. So glad to hear about Misha. Answer to prayer. As for us, we spent the weekend preparing for Fay who may or may not come to visit. We decided to err on the side of caution. At least our yard looks nice and tidy now. Love the hat. Do more research on the alpaca before you buy. We spent the weekend at an alpaca farm once. They are high maintenance animals. I do not think one would be happy alone. But, I do love the hat.

  7. Glad to hear that Misha is safe and that you had a relaxing weekend. Mine? Started cleaning up and painting dog house parts….. not much else… still in an extraordinarily lazy mode!

  8. Such good news about Misha. What a relief. Your weekend looks like quite a colorful adventure– the wool, that sky. Wow!

    Quiet weekend here.

  9. I was by earlier and left a comment…maybe I didn’t hit “Submit.”

    I’m so glad to hear that Misha is safe and on his way home. I’m hoping that you are well too.

    Right now there is not a leaf blowing and the sun is shining. I guess that will be changing soon enough, though.

  10. Glad to hear about Mischa. And good luck on the alpaca hunt.

  11. You can read about mine – I just posted.

    Welcome home; its nice to know you had a good time. I prayed for Mischa, so that is very good news!

    You should have bought that hat!

  12. I was just telling IZ that I wanted to raise Alpacas. He just rolls his eyes at me. So, now you have to do it so I can live vicariously through you.

    There is a lovely resource out here in the NW. I’m sure you’ve found it, but if not, I’ll hunt down the link. Very cool. 😀

  13. Good to read Mischa is safe and on the way back to his lovely wife.

    Your girls weekend looks fab. I spent the weekend helping my only child get ready to go off to college. We take him Friday and he moves into the dorm Sat morning. Then I’ll cope with an empty nest. Sigh.

  14. So glad to hear that Misha is safe. Scary stuff, that.

    I live in Grand Haven and I can’t believe all of that woolen goodness was so close-by and I didn’t even know. I will have to mark my calendar for next year.

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