Holy squash blossoms, Batman! It’s market day!

Yesterday, Rich worked from home, sent his book off to the publisher and then, when I wasn’t paying attention, he said it was okay for ABC news to come over and interview him about the fate of Wrigley Field, which is up for sale along with the Cubs. Okay, he said to the camera guy and the news anchor and two assistants. C’mon over. I had continued to tear apart wool sweaters all week so the only thing missing were some Pakistani children and rows of sewing machines. After that we decided to go to the movies, and as Kimberly suggested, sit in air conditioned comfort.

The Dark Knight was filmed here in Chicago, with all of the chase scenes taking place beneath Rich’s office building on lower Wacker so we chose that. I guess we weren’t paying attention to the press around it because when we got there at 410 pm, the 405 show had 4 seats left and every other showing (all 37) throughout the weekend were sold out in advance. We found the last two seats together, settled in and enjoyed it immensely. It’s long but moves at a good clip and Heath Ledger’s Joker is nothing short of genius. Two thumbs up if you can get a ticket.

This morning it was raining with enthusiasm but off we went to the market with our 20.00. Here are the results:

(Oh, say! That’s Miz Mary’s market bag I finished in the background. Gave it a test run this morning and mailing it Monday…it works well, expands enough to hold a small first grader.)

Tomatoes: 3.00 for a basket of Early Girls and 4.00 for the heirlooms; the former for gazpacho and the latter for slicing. Oh, yum.

Green peppers: 2.00. Going into the gazpacho.

Cucumber: .50. Ditto.

Grand Haven Peaches 3.00. I smell cobbler.

Broccoli: .50. The broccoli has been so crisp and sweet we’ve been eating it barely steamed, barely seasoned.

Corn: 2.00.

POTATOES! POTATOES! WE LOVE POTATOES! Heirloom, dug the night before, 5.00. I got Russian Blues, Rose Finns Apple Fingerlings, Russian Fingerlings and the round red Chieftans.

For those of us who worship potatoes, the Rose Finns induce a sort of ecstasy. They’re hard to find but worth the effort. If I had space like Wayne, I would grow them, too. I boil and drain them, splash on a tablespoon or two of cream and one of butter, a bit of fresh ground pepper and mash them with a fork. Oh, yes. Yes.

The other thing they had at the market today was squash blossoms. Now there is a summer delicacy. My favorite farmer just had one small pint and the price is still high but he said they would be more plentiful over the next few weeks- and then done for another year. So, next week I’ll get them and show you a good way to prepare them.

Before I forget, here’s your basic pesto recipe. I’ve had a lot of basil to harvest from the earth boxes so I make a batch every week. We eat it on pasta, tomatoes with fresh mozzarella and spread on fresh baguette slices. But here you see the problem with my sharing recipes. I don’t measure.

Mince up two medium cloves of garlic in the food processor. Add a large bunch of basil. Fine chop. Add about 1/3 cup fresh Parmesan and 1/3 cup pine nuts. I had some leftover roasted pine nuts that I had done earlier in the week so those got tossed into the mix. A pinch or two of salt. Process about a minute while drizzling in about 1/4 cup really good olive oil. That’s it.

Update: Laura is up with her Saturday Stash!


19 responses to “Holy squash blossoms, Batman! It’s market day!

  1. I’m so jealous! I went to the grand opening of the farmer’s market in the nearest small town today, just to see what was there, and spent all of $1 on a scraggly looking bunch of Swiss chard. There were a few turnips, a few new potatoes, and other stuff I already have in my own garden. But I did get to talk with a friend/organic gardener/former coworker/primary care practitioner’s husband, and I ordered six organic chickens from them, so that was good. I wish I had enough basil to make your pesto!

  2. We are out of town this weekend, and as we meandered thru Hill Country this afternoon, we stopped at a roadside market. The guy owned the land there and farms organically. The husband had to get his fix of Boiled Peanuts. He can’t help it, his mom is from So. Georgia. So, with 7 bags of boiled peanuts and 12 organically grown peaches, he spent 21.50. Not bad. We he told me the price, I thought of your Sat challenge and had to tell you his haul.

  3. That pesto looks really scrumptious! Like you, I seldom use measures either, unless I am making a new recipe.

    You got a nice haul for your $20. Miss Kenju went to the grocery today to get lunch stuff and she bought what she thought was tomatoes and mozzarella in oil. She bit into some and found out it was red peppers and garlic cloves! Ouch!

  4. I was kinda uninspired with my take today – really jealous of your fancy potatoes! That pesto looks wonderful – I’m not so good with vague recipes, though.


    My post’s up, btw.

  5. You’re making me hungry for fresh food, Vicky. Our Costco run today pales in comparison, but we did get a whole bunch of in season organic fruit – rasberries and blueberries. We like to put them in our Straus Maple organic yogurt that gets delivered with our milk every week.

  6. I’m about to google for a local market near me. This makes me jealous. Until next year when I get my garden planted.

  7. Pesto… yummy. nom nom nom.

    And that heart potato is sweet. Our market is tomorrow, but it’s such a madhouse, I don’t know if I’ll be able to fact it or not.

  8. Well, I did go shopping today but not at a farmer’s market. I went to the local good grocery store. I spent nearly $13 and got great local organic salsa, sour cream, refried beans, a bottle of taco sauce, and flour tortillas. I added it to the stuff I already had at home and we had our family favorite dinner of “Make Your Own Burritos.” So, that’s something! 🙂

  9. Nice haul.
    A storm stopped me from participating.
    That pesto sounds great.

  10. What a gorgeous haul! We slept late this morning… late enough that I knew my favorite egg vendor would already have run out by the time we could get there. However, I can show you what I got for $15 this week from my CSA: http://musicandcats.com/2008/07/csa-week-6-fresh-from-the-farm/. Truth be told, most subscribers pay $15 per week over the season. Since we’re the pick-up house for our neighborhood, we get a 50% discount. What a deal!

  11. Who cares if you measure in your recipes or not…. AT LEAST YOU COOK! (looking downcast and shamed)

  12. Basil pesto! I made that once. It’s delightful. (But you knew that.)

  13. I think I have just the right cotton stashed to make a market bag; maybe that will help me remember to hit the local Farmers Market (Wednesday Evening) this week.

  14. Thought you might enjoy this link since you have all those potatoes: http://noblepig.com/2008/06/27/potato-hodown-roundup.aspx

    I’ve been trying to remember to get to the AA Farmer’s Market to join in your challenge, but never seem to remember on Saturday. Maybe next week.

  15. Yeah, I struck out. Visited our local’s farmer’s market but was unimpressed. Tell me, why do they sell things like soap, crafts and flowers at a farmer’s market? Supposed to be edibles, right?

    Besides, without a digital camera, you’d never really appreciate what I got. I did remedy that. I bought a digital camera today. Now to figure out how to use it to upload photos I take.

    Speaking of movies being made on your doorstep, Drew Barrymore has her production company in town. Even if I don’t spot her and her crew in action, it’s worth at least a blog.

  16. We don’t have farmer’s markets in Florida in the summer, so I have not been participatings. But, Virginia, however, does and did we ever enjoy shopping. I spent way more than $20, but then, I got several weeks worth, right? We got a bushel of peaches, a half bushel of apples, three bars of homemade soap, a bag of potatoes, a jar of honey, two bags of dried apples, a jar of strawberry jam and one of cherry preserves. Quite a haul for $50 bucks!

  17. Tear down Wrigley Field, NO WAY! They better not! It is an icon in Chicago and all of baseball. My husband and I went to NYC to see Yankee Stadium three weeks ago. I had never seen it and my husband hasn’t seen it in 40 years. He grew up on Long Island and his dad would take him to Yankee games as a kid. The last time he was there, Mickey Mantle hit # 54 the same year Roger Maris hit 61. It is a crying shame that they are going to tear down Yankee Stadium, but I did notice the wear and tear, but still……

    I would really hate to see Wrigley torn down. I have lived in Houston all of my life but I still love Wrigley. I have been there three times and each time I watched Harry Carey stick his head out, during the seventh inning stretch, and sing “Take me out to the Ball game.” Hard and fast memories for me.

    BTW: You did a great job shopping. I love fresh produce. We grew our own tomatoes this year and they were wonderful. It’s too hot for them now, just pulled the plants our of the ground today. I’m going to give your pesto recipe a try….Yummmm

  18. Oh, Thanks! Really interesting. Big ups!

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