Just Takin’ it Easy

(What is he? I already gave you a hint…)

It’s been hotter than hell around here this week and after the zoo on Monday I just crashed and I’ve been holed up here in the AC. I’m surrounded by felted wool squares-formerly my mother’s sweaters- and I’m trying to make a quilt for someone in my family. Shhh. It’s a secret. Mr Nosy (my Buddy) in the tip of the U.P. over there in Michigan has honed one- count it-one computer skill. Reading this blog. When I call, he’s all up to date on the news of the day, so clearly there’s no keeping secrets from him if it shows up here.

When my mother died Bud was anxious that the sisters take some of her clothing because, it was, after all, good quality and we’re all vaguely the same size. Sort of. She was pretty petite. Anyway, there were bags full of L.L.Bean sweaters and I picked out a couple of favorites and then there were the rest of them. I felt sort of like a traitor taking some of the clothing to St. Vincent’s Nearly New Shop but now I’m cutting up the rest with this idea that I can transform them, kind of a recycled memory.

The other thing I’ve been trying to do is transcribe my mother’s journal entries. This should be simple enough and Bud entrusted me with all of her handwritten pages from when she started the project of documenting parts of her life toward the end there. It’s very well written. The problem is, what she documented is very interesting, but there’s a certain deja vu quality to some painful parts of my life. Some of it is how she came to be the political activist she was, but a lot of it has to do with how she grew up and came to be the mother she was. Bud would like it to be typed just as is and I’m under orders not to change a single word (I wont. promise) but thus far, every time I type a page of that I’m off on my own tangent, writing down some of thought or memory of my own.

Anyway, I’m done typing here for the day. Sophie got kibble bits under the space bar and every time I tap it, it fails and I have to go back and tap it twice. Annoying. I need some canned air. Tomorrow is, indeed, Shopping Saturday. If you go to market for the challenge (20.00) send me a link. Today I’ll be around to visit you and hopefully, comment- I’ve already been there but I’m low on words again this week.

(Summertime and the living is easy…I’m not sure what she has to smile about. She’s expecting about 8 children any second.)

11 responses to “Just Takin’ it Easy

  1. Either the fan is blowing directly on her or she is really looking forward to getting those 8 children OUT!

  2. The 20:00 challenge for shopping Saturday – can it be whatever currency you happen to be using? Or do I have to convert pounds to dollars?

  3. Kibble under the space bar . . . not good. 🙂 That piggie is just looking like life is GOOD! Glad she’s enjoying her last few days of relaxation. What a great thing to be getting inspired by the writings of your mother. Very cool.

  4. Does he have something to do with the wool in the sweaters?

  5. What a great smile on that face. Something so incredibly sentient there.

  6. That reminds me. I have a journal that I keep for a year every five years. But some of it is too personal for me to share with anyone. Before I die, or become incapacitated in some way, I must destroy those pages. After I pass away, whatever the family wants to do with the rest–pitch, read or transcribe in some way–is fine with me.

    I was going to the local farmer’s market with $20 tomorrow to see what I can buy. A Michigan feast! Sounds great, doesn’t it?

  7. Is he an angora goat? His wool looks long, soft and silky!

    The pregnant sow is happy that she has a little more time before she has to herd her piggies off to market!

  8. Budorcas taxicolor! Takin’ it easy for our Vicki is equivalent to an arduous period of work for us mere mortals!

    We are having sublime PNW summer weather here. I remember a church marquis in St. Louis that read, “You think it’s hot here?” (Not Lutheran, of course.)

    To market, to market to buy a fat pig? Only 8 sweet piglets? Some think that 8 is NOT enough!

    May I suggest an air conditioned movie theater as a relaxing diversion from your labors? There is a sparkling movie full of ABBA music out just now, replete with mother/daughter heart issues. Love conquers all!

    Sending out an xox!

  9. I have a bunch of Nyssa’s old childhood sweatshirts and remnants of the dresses I made her… now, if I could learn how to piece and quilt them together. She already has one lovingly made by her dear great grandmother with remnants of her baby clothes, made before the Alzheimer’s stole her art away. It is most cherished, that which is made with such love and filled with memories.

  10. When it gets hot around here (which it does occasionally, though Mamma Mia of many is right that it’s lovely right now), we head for the movie theater. We don’t have AC, so we have to leave the house to beat the heat, or retreat to our basement, where it’s naturally cooler… but dusty, and sometimes spidery.

    Alas, Vicki, I’m not going to the market today, as our kitchen is overflowing with produce from our CSA and a visit to our neighborhood farmers market on Thursday (at which I spent more than $20 on raspberries alone!). I expect I’ll go tomorrow, as we’re almost out of eggs; I’ll see what $20 gets me then.

  11. I certainly didn’t look that happy right before giving birth to Noah. That pig must know something I didn’t.

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