20 bucks and a long day – Saturday Shopping

Here’s what happened: I was up at six, at the market by seven, home by eight, company at nine (Rich’s brother, sister-in-law and our favorite ATF agent niece), back to the market by ten with them, home by eleven. Between noon and seven pm I made six dozen empanadas and an apple pie and then we went to the movies.Hitchcock’s Rear Window was playing on the blow up screen in our very own Oz Park tonight and there was a crowd of several hundred and we all dined on many and varied local foods. James Stewart is the voyeur, Grace Kelly the love interest, Raymond Burr is the bad guy and the dog dies.

Numbers, numbers, numbers! Here is what I purchased with my twenty dollars today:

2 large bunches of red leaf lettuce and 5 red new potatoes and 4 new Yukon Golds- 6.00 ( I wheeled and dealed on this one. Although the farmer was doing 3 bunches for 5.00 it didn’t really include a basket of potatoes but we settled on this.)

1 large bunch chives, basil and parsley- 5.00

1 bunch garlic-2.00

1 dozen small tart green apples, first of the season-3.00

1 small bunch red carrots (because they looked so beautiful over at AC’s place)-.50

1 small container fresh mozzarella cheese, just three balls-4.00

1 loaf ciabbata bread- 4.00

The tomatoes are- ta-da! Earth Box home grown!

ARRGGG. I went over by 4.50. But I split the apples with my sister-in-law so she gave me a 1.50 so I went over by three dollars.

The local produce is about two weeks behind this year becaise of rains and cold weather but the market was lush and beautiful. During the afternoon, I made an apple pie with the apples and I used the potatoes, boiled and mashed with fresh chives and mixed with some really nice herbed marscapone in empanadas. Earlier in the week I had roasted and peeled red peppers, so I threw those in the food processor with some olive oil and an egg for a lovely aioli to go with the empanadas.

Then I slept in my chair in the park during the movie.

(There’s nothing nastier than the dead lettuce cemetery in your veggie bin. Even if you sleep through the movie, take time to wash, spin and bag your greens so they’re ready to use on a moment’s notice.)

AC, over at Sonnets of the Hermit, used to grow produce for her local farm market so she is an expert. Now she rejoices in her own personal harvest and today she posted this about the day’s gathering. Beautiful berries and peppers. I have a recipe for goat cheese, apricot and almond stuffed poblanos I’ll drop in her comments.

Laura at Somewhere in NJ really rose to the occasion for Saturday Shopping Challenge. She also found mozzarella and tomatoes. Laura claims a Jersey tomato is the best; I say a Michigan tomato rivaled only by an Earth Box grown, third floor balcony, Chicago tomato. Stay tuned. Laura also did beets and her photo shows their color, full tilt. I am not a beet fan when it comes to dining BUT, with that beautiful rich magenta, do they make an exceptional dye for wool?Β  They were in at our market, too, so maybe next week I’ll get a few for dyeing purposes and show you what happens. She hit the jackpot on berries and thus, she is excused for going over a few dollars.

Kimberly, at Music and Cats, is a wonderful patron of local shopping and dining. Earlier this week she had this photo of the carrots that inspired me today. I think I’ll make some cold carrot-ginger soup. The color should be something. Kimberly also had a great post last week about the business of making your own seltzer. This caught my eye because I drink a lot of fizzy water with just a touch of cranberry or pomegranate juice and a slice of lime. It’s pretty refreshing and with less than an ounce of fruit juice, low in calories, but the bottle thing has been bugging me. I’m very tempted to try out this science project and make my own. (Update: Kimberly is now up with her challenge post and it’s pretty luscious.)

I’m planning to continue with the Saturday Shopping Challenge right on through the market season- say until Thanksgiving? I like the root crops that come after the hard frost…So, feel free to join us and see what you can do with 20.00 spent on local foods. Tomorrow, a couple of recipes.

13 responses to “20 bucks and a long day – Saturday Shopping

  1. Congrats! I appreciate your efforts. I would participate but it’s just not in the cards right now. Someday . . . πŸ™‚

  2. I was with you, right up until “up at 6.”

  3. Oh, I loved Rear Window. Hitchcock is perfect for an outdoor summer movie.

    Here’s my response to your
    $20 shopping challenge. You went over by 3 dollars? I didn’t even do that well.

  4. that’s amazing! After I get back from Germany, I would probably go to Eastern Market…but it may not be a Saturday and instead might be sometime during the week πŸ™‚

  5. We had company for dinner Saturday night, so I couldn’t keep my limit to $20. I’m going to try next Saturday when the Farmer’s market is at the town plaza. You managed to find quite a bit for $20. A good inspiring challenge.

  6. Okay,here’s a question for you. Do you have to do your Saturday shopping at the farmer’s market? I bought a bunch of old musicals online for the girls and I to watch this summer. That doesn’t count, does it?

    Our farmer’s markets aren’t on Saturdays anyway.

  7. GREEN is your friend!

    Renew, reuse, reform!

  8. That doesn’t allow much gelt for tenderloin, does it? I know: During the next week, you get $40! to spend.

  9. Oh, our market is on Sunday. Maybe next week? πŸ˜€ I missed this post earlier… I’ve been cleaning and baking birthday pie.

  10. Michigan tomatoes? Never heard of them.


    Any tomato that you’ve personally grown tastes the best, I agree. But I’m still waiting for any of those.

    Thanks for the inspiration with this, Vicki. Fun! And it actually got me to cook something… well, nearly.

  11. Nyssa could have kept you under that budget… she makes a great ciabata (ciabbata) bread!

    I have only two more weeks before the move monster strikes again and I have the U-haul to load and drive to Mississippi….aargh!

  12. This blog talks about a heap of special spices which were used in the making delicious dishes and are not available nowadays. Have a fine day.

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