Just us and a few tourists

(I think he looks just like Paul Giamatti, especially after he returns from France)

Do you remember that scene in the John Adams HBO series where he and Abigail are sitting in the partially built White House looking out over the muddy, vast rural landscape? It’s as though they are all alone in Washington, D.C… Right.

Tonight, in an attempt to beat the crowds, we got on the Metro with a few people from the conference and went AWAY from downtown, across the Potomac, to the roof top restaurant of the Roswell Rosslyn Holiday Inn, where, for 50.00 per person we dined on a buffet of bean salad and dried up prime rib and watched the fireworks in a space between two office buildings. That was pretty fun, especially the part where we got laughing about good times at Wit’s End when the bubbas set off illegal class C explosives and we watched from the pontoon boat.

On the way back, we got into a press of humanity at the Metro station that felt exactly like trying to board the ferry in War of the Worlds. The Metro police stopped people from going through the turnstiles as trains backed up in the tunnels. I’m not cut out for this stuff.

(It’s either the Red Hat Society on the Fourth or a bunch of gals doing up the town, ala Sex and the City)

Most of the people here, however, appear to be having a bang-up time and the parade down Constitution Ave. this morning, a short walk from the hotel, was a happening affair. It featured a band from every single state plus the Phillipines, every branch of the armed forces plus the USO and Underdog and Uncle Sam balloons.

(Do you think they volunteered to hold this position for three and a half hours? I do. Very cool float.)

We watched the parade for well over an hour and then took a short break inside the Natural History Museum of the Smithsonian. I liked that. I got to see all of my animal friends, taxidermied. When we went back outside to return to the hotel, we couldn’t cross Constitution Ave. yet because the parade was STILL going on. They were on to a band from West Virginia and they did them in alphabetical order so they were almost done.

(After 18 crab rangoon, this gazelle actually looked fresh and tasty)

I’m ready to go home. My eyes are bloodshot from hotel air and it will take a good two weeks of salads to make up for all this Chinese food (did that again for dinner yesterday) and then the bad buffet tonight, but Rich still has to give a talk in the morning before we head to the airport. Mary was definitely the very best part. (Catch up! Read post below.)

(Am I the only one who sees a certain irony in Underdog as the front float of the nation’s parade? I guess so…)

7 responses to “Just us and a few tourists

  1. Way too many people. Did you see a cute guy on a bike when you were downtown? That was Josh. I stayed home and puttered.

  2. Nice.
    As seen from a distance.

  3. Better you than me. The older I get the more I hate crowds. I think Underdog is a fine mascot for the current prez!

  4. I’d love to see it, but I echo the sentiments of FC and Kenju. Too old for the crowds and I wouldn’t care for the heat.

  5. Oh no, dear. I see the irony too 🙂

  6. I watched some of the fireworks shown on tv from DC last night and thought of you there to see it with your own eyes.

    Last time we were in D.C., the food sucked. Maybe I was too spoiled living in south Louisiana. My son and I loved the Museum of Natural History.

    Safe travels home.

  7. Rousing Rosenthal reenactment!

    What is it with you and stuffed animals??!!

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