Ya. She’s all that.

(Clean, very clean. Sounds like the butler telling you which way to turn.)

And much taller. The divine Miz Mary and I met up yesterday after circling each other for a bit around the Silver Springs metro station. She is the real deal, of course, and as easy as pie.

First, we had Chinese for lunch and then we went to the world’s most ridiculous movie. This had been one of those cautious first date ideas (mine, unfortunately) in case, after lunch, we would end up more comfortably sitting in the dark in silence. My Winnipeg: I just don’t know what to say. Some bits of it were funnier than anything ever and then, I think I fell asleep and possibly snored during a part of it. Of course, I had also been drinking beer. I dared Mary to use a line from the movie as a post title. We’ll see if she does. I hope so.

Yes, yes, we talked about you. The kids, the husbands, the parents, sex, weight. We laughed a whole lot. I gave Mary an unfinished knit market bag that I had to take back to finish (this in lieu of the dog sweater I never delivered). I lamely tried to make up for that by giving her stolen mini jams and hotel soap taken from the Hyatt. Mary kindly said, “I like little things.” She has a really nice car that she keeps very clean and it has a swell GPS system and she drove me all the way back downtown to the hotel. If we lived closer we would be really really good friends, live, and go to yoga together. Mary summed it up in her comment, “Damn, that was fun.”

Now I’m off to prepare my 4th of July report from the nation’s capital. Be right back.


7 responses to “Ya. She’s all that.

  1. Ok.
    Just so long as you talked about us…

    Glad to hear your visit together was ALL THAT too.

  2. Sounds like you guys had a great time! (and I recognize that Hyatt.) Now we’ll all be waiting to see a picture of the market bag AND the doggie sweater.

  3. We both sucked our stomachs in for that picture.

  4. You both look lovely! Wish I had been there, too.

  5. I could just slurp you darlings up and gobble you whole!

  6. You are both so gorgeous! I am so impressed that you were both brave enough to meet and talk and share. Did I mention that I’m jealous? 🙂

  7. I am so fecking jealous of you BOTH. Damn.

    beotches. :-p

    Why wasn’t I invited? Huh?

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