Pimp My Ride

I discovered that gem on MTV while trying to find the food network. We recently got a new JUMBO screen television. GIGANTIC. It’s 32 inches of high definition and that’s 15 inches larger than anything we’ve previously owned. I know, I know- the rest of you have at least 42 inches. The nice thing is that it’s flat rather than the big butt things we’ve had taking up too much space heretofore. So now I could, if I chose, watch Pimp My Ride. Instead, I sift through 847 channels trying to find the one and only (food) show I want to watch. But what happened to truly quality tasteless television like Soupy Sales and Queen For A Day, anyway? With 800+ channels you would think someone would resurrect the mother of all reality TV, Queen for a Day.


The doctor was pleasant , interested and remembered all my most memorable parts. I’m not overweight by her standards, I don’t have high blood pressure, I should go to the ENT guy about my right ear, I can learn to live with my arthritic thumb and no, I shouldn’t take Vitorin anymore. We have a very strong familial history of coronary artery disease, as in everyone on my paternal side died before they were 65, so my brother and sister and I are all over preventive treatment for that. Yes, I get a bone density test and no, I didn’t get snagged for a colonoscopy. That’s because they’ve changed the guidelines from 5 to 10 years if you are squeaky clean on your baseline, which I was 7 years ago. Hah!


I had hoped for better for you. Monday morning I was at the zoo, chatting to people in the primate house. Our office is in that building so after we have our meeting and get the scoop on who moved, gave birth, was seen by the vet, arrived from another zoo and after we get the routine final advisory, “All naked mole rat babies missing, presumed eaten”- then we head out on our appointed rounds and for me, that’s spending the first part of the day in the primate house. Soon after the zoo opened a visitor observed that one of the Allen’s Swamp monkeys “had a problem.” Further investigation revealed that the mother had just given birth. I radioed the lead primate keeper who came for a look-see and said that we knew she was expecting but not when and that she was an experienced mother, this being her sixth. The large exhibit space is their familiar habitat and so she was left to carry on without intervention. Dad looked on from high up in a tree and the three youngsters (theirs) also in the habitat were as curious as could be. The year old, especially, wanted to touch the new baby but mom was only letting him so close. The baby was all goopy with little pointed alien ears and mom was kind of a rear end mess but she began to nurse him right away. The babies cling tight enough to be carried up into the canopy as soon as they are born. Allen’s swamp monkeys are a threatened species because they live in the Congo where civil war and starvation are the order of the day. This is another creature that is endangered by the bush meat crisis. These guys love water and are great little swimmers.

I was on watch for much of the day; that meant keeping the public back from the glass, preventing flash photos and calling the keeper at intervals with reports on mom and baby. I was so enamored with this pair by the time the day was over that I could hardly wait to get back with my camera and take some pictures. I took it with me Thursday and planned to post a picture for you yesterday but when I got there, mom and baby were off exhibit, probably for a check up and all I have for you is this sibling youngster. Hopelessly sweet. That reminds me. I need to go check for new baby pictures at Raehan’s place.

8 responses to “Pimp My Ride

  1. I’ve already checked. No new pictures of the Baby Brother. Raehan will be thrilled to see that this little monkey made you think of that.

  2. We are hopelessly behind in TV keeping up with the Joneses so you still trump us.

    I hear they have color TV sets now.

  3. Black Tooth~

    Care to join me in a Vernor’s float?

    ~White Fang

    P.S. No TV; no problem. Less is more, you know.

  4. I am amazed that with all the channels to watch that there is nothing worth watching. If there is not a baseball game for me to watch, I usually end up watching The Game Show Network. That’s as close to Queen for a Day as it gets. They show the old Match Game, Password, even some old ones with Bill Cullen. They even have prizes during the day for callers or those who go online.

    Now you didn’t say that you had a colonoscopy seven years ago! I wouldn’t have been so nasty in my comment had I known that. Sorry!

    Your little monkey is adorable.

  5. Yeah, well, thanks, but I don’t need no pix of gummy butt. All the same to you….

  6. Waaaaah! I’d love to have seen a primate baby. I got to hold a brand spankin’ new primate baby (human) last night so I’m totally in the mood! Course, the young sibling is a pretty cute consolation prize. Glad all went well with your doctor!

  7. Guess what I found on TVLand tonight? Mad About You. I loved it then and it stands the test of time. But I watch on our small TV (28″). My baby got herself a 42″ flat screen, but I haven’t sen it yet. I figure it will be just like life.

    Love the little monkeys. My son’s MIL used to take care of them at our NC zoo, and she was full of stories and pix about them. They are so lucky to have you!

  8. I have to confess to being a secret fan of COPS. Nothing like bad TV when you’re feeling a need to be mindless.

    So, glad for the good news from the doctor. The older we get, the more these formerly boring necessities become tests of various sorts. I always feel a sense of triumph when I get out with having discovered any new breakages.

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