The child(s) is well

and doing time on jury duty. She called this morning so early that I thought she was sick again but it was only to exclaim: “Mom! They only pay 15.00 for this and it cost me that much to get here!” She also noted that this hurry up and wait job was allowing her ample opportunity to assess what constitutes a “jury of peers” in Pinellas County, Florida: old white people. But the defendants are almost 100% young black people. Hmmm.

Before she was finally out of the woods, but after I had left, she had one of the urinary complications of dengue fever. She couldn’t pee. She was staying well hydrated, drinking lots of fluids but she just couldn’t, so after 36 hours Misha took her to the ER where the nurse decided the remedy was more fluids. I guess the ER was also overflowing because she didn’t get past the nurse and the PA until they were about to hang bag number three and Abby yelped, “No! No more fluids! I can’t PEE! Get me a doctor!” Misha can be quite assertive in a calm, quiet, Russian way and between the two of them they wrangled a doctor who dosed a pill and Abby went about 2 ounces, so they discharged her to go home and piddle in comfort. But not before they snagged Misha and slapped him with a 1000.00 bill. This, to me, is maddening. Abby was on her father’s insurance but came off once married and then she had student travel insurance for the Mexico trip- which doesn’t cover her treatment in Florida even though the disease was contracted while traveling. Neither of them can enroll in the student insurance plan until open enrollment mid-August. Misha’s employer takes advantage of his immigrant status (he has a work permit but not his green card; that interview is scheduled for mid-July) and gives him no benefits. Abby is a nanny and part-time concierge at the Hilton and a fulltime student so she has no insurance at the moment. This is precisely the sort of problem I worry about when the kids have windows with no insurance and 1,000.00 is insane for two bags of saline water anyway. But Misha got out his checkbook and paid the bill. Ah,me.

It’s probably just as well that I wasn’t there to muddy the waters and embarrass Abigail with some rant on health care in America in the middle of the ER. Instead, I flew home for NOMOs 3rd CD (2nd on the Ubiquity label) release party at The Hideout here in Chicago. It’s hard to remember the days when I would plead with him to go skateboard instead, or, if he had to practice his saxophone, could he please, please, please do it in the garage? (Bad mother! Bad!).

Although the music is wonderfully all over the map as it defies a specific genre, the band has been on a straight ahead path, growing in every aspect. This band is great and that’s not just me, with my vested interest, talking. All Music Guide says: ” NOMO have created their own brand of music from these pieces — one that is cohesive, dramatic, fluid, seamless, and lyrical. It defies expectations and easy categorization. Ghost Rock is a giant leap forward. This is the instrumental band to watch. Period.”

Yesterday the new CD was featured on Minnesota Public Radio. Amazon’s editorial review says, “This record owes as much to Can, Eno, and MIA as it does to Kuti, Francis Bebey, and Funkadelic. There’s no loss of steam as this Michigan collective incorporates new influences. NOMO breaks through with a matured and developed sound that’s fully their own. They’ve shared stages with Earth Wind And Fire, Konono No. 1, Sharon Jones, and Dan Deacon. RIYL: Konono No. 1, Can, Fela Kuti, Charles Mingus, MIA, Radiohead.” Songs from the new CD have been on NPR and BBC and they have yet to begin their release tour. They just finished playing Bonnaroo Music Festival in Manchester, Tennessee (Dan said he left a day early just to get clean and feel healthy) and they have a few gigs around Michigan before heading out to play 35 cities in 5 weeks. They’re coming to a city near you! You can hear part of the new CD here at NOMOs web space, but what you really want to do is go to Borders, Amazon, iTune or where ever you buy your music and get this album, GHOST ROCK. (Did I mention that this child also has no health insurance?)


15 responses to “The child(s) is well

  1. I think jury duty is so interesting. Up close in the system. My best stories are from a Grand Jury experience I had while living in south Louisiana. A six month committment. And, the non-profit for whom I worked took away my day’s wages as I did my civic duty since I was ‘compensated’ for doing the people’s work. I was on salary and so, no regular pay on those days.

    Jury pools come from registered voters. I last served on one about 6 months ago, a traffic accident with two teen drivers. Not so exciting. This being Houston, one of the most diverse cities in the country, our jury was a very interesting mix.

  2. amarkonmywall

    I’m all in favor of jury duty, Karen. I do think it’s a privilege and a right and an obligation. I’m glad she’s having the experience, esp. as she is headed for law school. She was pretty excited about it, despite the low compensation, and was hoping for an interested case.
    So, that’s an interesting question: although you’re presumed innocent, if you’re going to trial the odds are good that you’re not. Some states (including Florida) have laws forbidding felons from being registered voters. That would make it hard to really get a jury of your peers and would you really want a jury with a smattering of criminals? I have to think about this…

  3. I have never served on a jury; it’s hard for a teacher to do so and not have her students shortchanged. I would like to some day though! Health insurance, ah, shall we RANT together? I get worried sick every time I think about Ashley uninsured. She has some wacky health issues. I can keep her on mine until she’s 25, but what then??

  4. Glad the girl is better. Poor thing.
    Our baby Emma came along in an insurance window and wowsers! She was expensive from the start.

    Great news about NOMO too. You should be a very proud Momma … Two great kids!

  5. Insurance makes me crazy. We did without for a few scary years. This experience gave me some perspective when all the other teachers are ranting about some minor change. Hey, try being terrified that your kid is going to fall and break his arm because it will devastate you financially. Horrible feeling.

  6. Oooh. Insurance for young adults. Makes me sick to my stomach with worry. oldest son was a good boy and graduated on time, but now we are in a recession and he can’t find a job (well, he could find a job, but not a job in the same town where his girlfriend lives who has a good job and health insurance, but I digress). So, even though I already pay for dependent coverage for two other people and it is one price no matter how many are on the plan, he has to come off because he was a good boy and finished his education. Or I can pay hundreds of dollars a month in cobra. Which I would be inclined to do if he appeared to be looking for a job without putting a lot of restrictions on when and where….but I digress again. So, what’s a mother to do who lays awake at night imagining that her child might contact denque fever like some other mother’s child did?

  7. I have always wanted to be on a jury, but the only time I went for duty, they didn’t choose me. :-/

    Sorry about the thousand. Hospitals get you every time!

  8. Why would he have health insurance? Young people never get sick, you know that.

    (Oh, yeah. Never……..)

  9. My wife is paranoid of our two boys being without health insurance. Our younger son still has back issues, having hurt it in Russia a year ago (BTW, his Russian mother didn’t rub vodka on his chest when he came down with a fever and chest cold, but did give him some tea with berries which he said helped). Anyway, he’s had physical therapy, MRIs, X-rays, and lots of prescriptions. It’s healing very slowly.

    The reason my wife is so concerned is that she’s a customer service rep for the physicians group and in charge of collecting the patient pay portion of patients’ bills. She knows how devastating a big medical bill can be to those without insurance.

  10. ACK! Scary insurance stories! Cross your fingers and hope that the universe sends good luck your way (and Dan’s way, and Abby’s way).

    I can’t wait to hear the new CD! I will buy it tomorrow.

  11. Glad to read that abby is feel better. Great news. I also always wanted to serve on a jury, but I never make it past the voir dire. Somehow being the victim of a violent crime renders me incapable of objectivity and fairness. Who knew?

    I’m going to look for NOMO’s latest and take a listen. I love good new music.

    Don’t get me started on the lack of single-payer health care in our country.

  12. I guess one thing about not having a job was that I HAD to get Nyssa her own health insurance as the COBRA thing was too expensive… actually it would have been cheaper for me to get something else as well. So she has had her own since 18, now, if only her dad had paid for it. We will see what they have to offer at grad school and how it compares to what she has.

    They do get to the point they can take care of all this themselves don’t they? Only four or five more weeks and she is off… or rather I am back in a U-haul with her stuff to Mississippi.

  13. “Hello? my, um, cat, isn’t peeing. what should I do? bring her in? um, she can’t, um, get into the car. I mean the carrier. She can’t get into the carrier, because she’s in Florida. Can you just call in a prescription for some pills? to Florida? Actually, she’s not a cat, she’s more of a kikajou. a lemur? She’s a small primate. She has dengue fever. Hello? Heloo??”

  14. Kikajou?!
    Michelle: Heloo!
    That dang* dengue fever
    Makes me blue.
    But, don’t deride;
    God doth provide!
    Forgive my quothe
    Of that minced oath.

  15. What they said. All of them. I’m behind on blogs, and by the 15th commenter, what’s left to say? How about:

    Glad there’s a happy ending. Bonus points: Dengue fever to the contrary, sounds like two very responsible young adults. You should be proud of both of them.

    – or –

    Hey! NOMO’s playing at Top of the Park this year. Bet none of the others knew that!

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