Just a touch of dengue fever…

I suppose she could have gotten ebola in Africa but she didn’t; instead my little cliff diver picked up dengue fever while doing her summer term in Mexico. So I’ve been in Florida micro-managing her care when actually, Misha has everything well in hand. It makes me a bit nervous that he’s plying her with pills that have Russian labels and he swears by rubbing vodka on the chest to break a fever…what’s a mother to do?

I brought her over to our sofa in the bungalow while he was at work and then returned her to his care when he got home. There’s no cure for this; she just has to ride it out. There’s a reason why the nickname for this mosquito borne disease is “break-bone fever”. When the Tylenol wears off the poor girl has terrible aches and pains. The good news is that she doesn’t have the hemorrhagic version and there’s no blood seeping from her eyes. Her professor had a rougher go of it and spent five days in the hospital. Abby is definitely on the mend since it started ten days ago, plus she got it at the tail end of her stay so she finished her coursework with A’s.

Rich came down with me so we could be together for our wedding anniversary. Today marks five years (what is that? paper? plastic? canned tuna? we’re practically newlyweds!) and it has zipped by and yet seems like a (most wonderful) lifetime. All in all, with Rich as my best friend, companion and you know, with four lovely children and two cats in the courtyard, well everything is easy.

The AZA (Association of Zoos and Aquariums) is having a photo contest for zoo employees and docents. I might run a couple photos by you and ask your opinion on which to submit. Other than that, I’ll be back in the loop in the next day or two.

17 responses to “Just a touch of dengue fever…

  1. Oh, goodness… poor girl. I hope Abby is well soon.

    And Happy Anniversary to you. It sounds like you made quite the match. 😀 (June, eh?? Our big day is Monday)

  2. Dengue Fever? CRAP! Thank goodness she has a strong constitution. I just read up on it and it sounds nasty. I hope she doesn’t lose any weight because she is only as big as a peanut to begin with.

    And did you know that salted vodka is supposed to cure a stomach ache?

    Happy anniversary to you and Rich. I believe in happily ever after.

  3. She must be in great shape if she is weathering it and her prof. had to go to the hospital. Please tell her I hope she gets better soon.

    Happy Anniversary!! Ours is coming up, but in July – 44 years – ouch!

  4. Sending get well wishes to Abby. Whatever it takes, vodka rubs and all. Try everything.

    Two cats in the yard
    life used to be so hard
    now everything is easy…

    Ah love… happy anniversary.

  5. When we moved to Venezuela, the doctor was very careful to tell me about the dangers of dengue fever, in strong supply there. I was taking our then 16 month old child and it was a concern. I do hope Abby is rid of it soon.

  6. Happy Anniversary to you and Rich! You are lucky to have each other.

  7. I had dengue fever once in Haiti. Breakbone fever is a good name for it. I ached so, and someone gave me anacin to take. I didn’t realize there was caffeine in anacin, and I just about went up the walls with insomnia and pain, but it passed, just as Abby’s dose of it will. I wouldn’t want to get it again, however.

    Happy anniversary to you too. May you have many more years.

  8. Oh no. Best get well wishes to your baby. I know you are taking good care of her.
    Happy anniversary to both of you.

  9. Happy Anniversary to you and your Hunny Bunny!

    And oh dear… Do take care of that sweet little snit. You AND Misha. (I’m still in awe that they are hitched…)

  10. So, sorry about Abby and congratulations on your anniversary. Joy and pain all in one sentence. Such is life, isn’t it? Did you get that awful storm tonight? Lots of lightening here. We saw firetrucks headed to the Skyway. Something must have been up.

  11. Hope Abby is feeling better very soon!
    Congratulations on your anniversary! I have no idea as to which it is… paper or plastic…. or what?

  12. Poor Abby! Poor You! I hope she’s feeling better soon.

    Happy anniversary. Rough time to try celebrating! Still, anniversaries rock! We just had #20 — for us it’s the “Fix your wedding rings” anniversary! 🙂

  13. Dengue fever sounds nasty-and I don’t like anything that makes any part of me ache! Good thoughts for Abby. Hope your anniversary was special and five years is great. The more time together, the better!

  14. Dengue fever? Well, that will be something for her to tell the grandkids about. Do you think all these adventures will make her more or less fretful when she has babes of her own?

  15. A “uses for vodka” list circulating the ‘net had breaking a fever on it so maybe Misha is onto something.

    CS&N, one of my favorites. Happy Anniversary!

  16. Happy Anniversary to you!

    Poor Abby. Hope she gets better soon. That doesn’t sound pleasant.

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