The Bud and Jan Show, minus Jan

I’m zooming off on an unplanned visit to Lost Loon Lodge. Bud has to have three teeth extracted but first he has to come off anticoagulants and all of that needs an intermediary to help with doctor-speak. Dan had- remarkably- 5 days free before heading out on a lengthy tour, so he is arriving late by train at Union Station and we’ll head out in the car before dawn. I spent the afternoon cruising the aisles at Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s for creamed soups and tasty, soft, nutritious food items to stockpile for the next couple weeks.

While I’m up there I plan to get Bud up and running on e-mail with a cockamamie wireless connection. It’s hard to believe but they bounce a signal off a receiver on the mountain across the lake so finally, he can go a bit faster than 16 bits. Hopefully. I want to be able to send him daily e-mail (because I HATE the phone) and pictures of the children and let him read the blog. And then you can all write to Bud!

So- off I go and I’m taking the funky camera, too. I tried to get a Sony today, not SLR but point and shoot, just as an alternative to lugging around lens and getting cranky over my twitchy focus motor but Best Buy didn’t have the one I wanted (like FC’s!) so I decided to wait on that.

Just think: 16 hours in the car with my grown child. I’m excited! I think. This is the child who gives new meaning to back seat driving. The last time he was in the car with me he announced, “Mom! Look out! You never know when you’re going to run into a school bus!” There was no bus in sight and I have absolutely no record of ever running into anyone or anything. In fact, I’ve never even gotten a ticket, carefully setting the cruise control at precisely 8 mph over the limit. That’s true. A life without a ticket.

Also, Dan has his own taste in music as do I. My best mix includes David Byrne singing “Buck Naked” and a lot of Laurie Anderson and Tom Waits. I’m not sure who that is on his mix and why it needs to be quite so loud. However, squabbling over music will be better than trying to launch a discussion on whether he plans to return for his Master’s or not (he hears that as me doubting his skills as a professional musician and fails to hear it as my doubting our society’s support of the arts. Ah, me.)

Still. I’m very much looking forward to this drive north with my son and I’m anxious to see Bud. I may stay at the Lithium Laurium Manor Inn a few miles away and let Dan and Bud bond over the composting toilet. Updates with pictures forthcoming. Have a good couple days.

12 responses to “The Bud and Jan Show, minus Jan

  1. Have a good trip and enjoy Dan’s company. I tried to get to Borders yesterday to see if they had his new CD, but I got sidetracked by mr. kenju (that happens often, nowadays…LOL) Tell Bud that I am looking forward to emailing him and I hope he gets through the dental work easily.

  2. Sounds fun! Please don’t blow your perfect record spectacularly by hitting a school bus! 🙂 Yikes!

    Also, tell him that it’s not that you don’t have faith in his abilities as a musician but rather that you know in your heart you can only love children who have have master’s degrees! I’m sure that’ll clear it all up! (It’s pretty much what my grandmother said to me on the same subject so I know it’s a gooooooood line! 🙂 ).

    Have fun!

  3. “16 hours in a car with your child”… I too have that to look forward to… no wait! It is 16 hours in a U-haul with the child driving her own car….. oh joy!

    You have a great time and give Bud our best regards!

  4. You and Dan might appreciate Eyvind Kang. He’s touring with Laurie Anderson presently.

    Best to Bud!

  5. Sounds like the beginning of a great adventure, vicki.

    Can Dan be a musician with a master’s degree? Are they mutually exclusive? He may have to let the music be part-time for a while, but I think with good planning he could do both. (In my former life I was a student adviser.)

    I hope Bud’s dental extractions are not too hard on him. I wish him good luck with that. I’d love to hear more about the wireless plan. We are considering a move way out in the mountains, off the grid. We won’t go, if we can’t connect at a speed significantly faster than dial-up.

    Safe travels.

  6. Best of luck to Bud’s biters.

    A ticket free life here too, although I have written a few …

  7. Oh and you will LOVE that Sony. Worth the wait.

  8. Golly, no posts for about a month and then 1-2-3 wham-bam thank-you-ma’am. You’re a whiz.

    So, mum, do you like him? Sounds as if you better……

  9. OH! I forgot! Hello to Bud!

  10. Ooh, an adventure! Car trips can be lots of fun, including the squabbles. Enjoy the trip and the moments, if not the music. Show us lots of pics.

  11. Ooh, holding good thoughts for your trip and for Bud. Keep us all posted, m’kay?

  12. You know, I worry about Bud sometimes but then I remind myself that you are on the job so I can relax.

    I love road trips! Have fun!

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