Question: What’s worse than 28 rowdy 3rd graders on June 2nd?

Answer: 107 busloads of them. Truly. I’m racing out the door to the zoo where I will spend the day trying to protect Belle, the Ball Python from over 1600 sticky, eager hands during Animal of the Hour. Her favorite place to hide? Down my shirt front…

Back this afternoon, probably in a mind set to tell you about my headstrong daughter and her Russian. Have a great warm sunny day!

7 responses to “Question: What’s worse than 28 rowdy 3rd graders on June 2nd?

  1. Have fun! And just think, it could be worse . . . they could be 5th graders! La! Can’t wait to hear about The Headstrong Daughter and the Russian — sounds like a romance novel.

  2. Hope you and Belle have a good time. Maybe you both could hide somewhere.

    Looking forward to the Headstrong Daughter and the Russian tale.

  3. At least it isn’t 90 degrees and very humid. Just think of the teachers trying to contain all those kids in these last days of school.

    I went through the drive-through at Mickey D’s this morning. A class of chidren from a nearby school were walking into the place, and one of the moms or the teacher was holding the stop sign for the cars…then she started fanning herself with it. I put my window down and told her that wasn’t allowed.

    The end of the school year is always an endurance test.

  4. We teachers are going insane this week.
    Come on Thursday!

  5. It’s not warm or sunny here.

    But it will be a great day if you blog 😀 Waiting. . .

  6. I want to know about headstrong daughter (I have two of those) and the Russian! Plus I’m curious about the python and where she spent the day!!

  7. So how did it go? You wouldn’t catch me with a python down my shirt! No sir! One of the few animals I just can’t take… snakes…

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