Life interruptus

Lordy, have I been busy. I haven’t even signed on to my own blog for over a week and just now when I did I caught a glimpse of a word yoga-esque that causes me little heart to quiver…

Speaking of yoga, while in Chicago last week, I went to an early Sunday morning class led by Pere, a presence as evolved as any I have known. I was merely trying to unwind from lots of travel, a high powered and exhausting private tour at the zoo, construction woes (yes, we’re revisiting the hardwood floor issue of this time last year) and more importantly, friends with worries. Yet another dear young friend, the mother of my 18 month old surrogate granddaughter Alexis, has cancer. One of my closest Michigan friends has a wayward ticker, literally, so she is facing some tough decisions close on the heels of her husband’s death. My skin is like something out of a science fiction movie, behaving as an evil alien life force, so I’m trying to make decisions about the best place to have surgery and recover. (I’m felting a Phantom of the Opera mask for myself) So on and so forth. Really. Just moving forth.

But there I was at yoga class, looking for a bit of inner calm, when handsome Pere asks, “When you come to yoga class today, who suffers?” What??? Why this inane new-age query, right in the midst of my fuzzy peace of mind? He went on to quietly and simply elaborate. When you chose to do something, anything, who suffers? Defensively, I was thinking no one suffers if I come to yoga for a couple hours on Sunday morning. And then “Juanita!” popped into my mind. Juanita is my young friend having breasts removed. I thought, if I hadn’t been in Chicago taking care of that private tour and consulting floor installers and dermatologists, I could have been by Juanita’s side or playing with baby Alexis or giving a soothing pep talk to her husband, Chris. Pere went on to wonder aloud, “who benefits when you come?” Um, om, I guess that would be me. Perhaps a couple hundred strangers at the zoo had a beneficial moment. And then he talked a bit about gratitude and balance in the world as we find our way and make our choices. It was good.

I have had a similar discussion with daughter, Abby. The Snarl is getting ready to sit for the LSATs with an idea that she will go on, thousands of dollars in debt later, to become an environmental policy lawyer and maybe even a judge in that specialty area. I asked her if and where she saw a family in her future and she responded that she wasn’t sure she did. It was more of the “who suffers?” sort of thing, about the karma of the human footprint (Find that new series on National Geographic channel this week. Your jaw will drop.) I, of course, take the “who benefits?” side of that argument.

When it comes to bringing children into this world, while I relate absolutely to Abby’s thinking, I also feel the most amazing sense of delight and, yes, gratitude, when I see these women I know and love and respect presenting us with new life. It seems almost as if we are being gifted with beautiful little bundles of hope and positive energy and, maybe, salvation. I know for certain I would feel that way if the Snarl or Daniel ever have children. I feel that way about baby Alexis, as her mother struggles. About the numerous children of a certain yo-mama who are all out enriching and healing and growing our world.

And then there’s my good, sweet friend here in the neighborhood. (Thought I’d never get there, didn’t you Kimberly?). There’s delightful Raehan. Raehan is bulging (harsh but true, I’ve seen the belly) with her soon to arrive baby and I am gleeful at the prospect. She has written long enough and eloquently enough and in the most sweet ways (like the darkest, finest bittersweet chocolate sweet) about the slings and arrows of motherhood and family life she enjoys with her two already lovely lassies that I know this to be true: Raehan is precisely the sort who benefits us all when she has a baby. Thank you, Raehan! Thank you. Feel free to push.

You can help celebrate Raehan’s bloggy baby shower by stopping over at Petroville where a few of us are gathering today to wish Raehan the very best in these days and weeks- and lifetimes- to come. Or, you can go directly to Raehan’s place for a skin shot. She posts as regularly as I do, but we all still love her…

My week in Chicago, with the exception of that yoga class and one other five minute blip, was hustle, bustle, run, lift, sort, disseminate, and race about airports. The other five minute blip happened when I arrived at the zoo early, before the entire rest of Windyville out for the first warm Spring day, to greet another new arrival. Speaking of baby love, I give you this new Bolivian gray Titi monkey. He or she spends the entire day hitching a ride, because like the rest of us primates, Titis have low fat breast milk and the newborns are pretty much helpless. The cute factor helps mitigate the cling factor. Raehan, don’t you hope yours is this cute?

25 responses to “Life interruptus

  1. Gee, I really hope the baby is that cute. Hannah asked me a few weeks if we could give the baby away if it isn’t cute, but she’s now calmly accepted the fact that we’ll keep it even if it look a little funny.

    Thank you, Vicki,. I certainly don’t feel like I meet all the descriptions of me you all are putting out there, like “eloquent” and “serene,” but who can complain about being compared to dark chocolate. Yum.

    Vicki, I have to make sure I have an updated email for you. I’ve sent a couple of things to you these past few months and its possible that I have an old email. Update me, if there is a new one. Also for some reason your updates here haven’t been showing up in my bloglines. Another puzzle for me to figure out this week.

    Well, one more day to waddle around. Thanks for bringing a smile to face.

  2. Welcome home…well, Florida home, that is. Where are you going to have your surgery? You will look good as Phantom.

    That litlte monkey is a cutie.

  3. Isaiah 40:11 ~ He shall feed his flock like a shepherd; he shall gather the lambs with his arm, and carry them in his bosom, and shall gently lead those that are with young.

    Blessings and prayers to you and sweet Raehan!!

  4. omigod – I love yoga but have never thought of it in that way. I’m just off on hols to BC and intended to do yoga every morning … who suffers? who benefits? what amazing questions! I will answer when I come back


  5. I took yoga in high school, after dropping out of ballet and ‘modern’ dance lessons. It was very centering for me. My instructor was a hippie, (it was in the last 60’s, early 70’s) and he was amazingly calm and soft spoken. My mom baked mincemeat pies for him, as he craved them and loved hers. I never could stand on my head, though. Some kind of phobia I never moved past.

  6. I know already that Raehan’s baby will be cute, but I certainly hope it isn’t as hairy as the darling monkey….LOL

    Vicki, take care of your face and stay out of the sun, please!

  7. All primate babies are adorable, but I have a soft spot for the human ones. Raehan’s girls are lovely, funny, and creative, so this new baby has good prospects. Poor Vicki and the skin; my dad suffers from it too. It’s why I was a fanatic with my kids and no longer tan, even though I do feel way better with a bit of color. My girlfriend’s 60 year old husband has terminal prostate cancer, and it’s been very hard to accept. Hang in there, Yoga Woman.

  8. I have a feeling that the suffer/benefit thing will be going on in my head all day. Thanks for making me think, Vicki! I generally try to avoid that sort of thing. Sigh. (Glad to hear that you are alive!)

  9. Thinking of you, Raehan… hoping it all goes well. I have NO worries about cuteness, though…. I’ve seen the other two that belong to you. šŸ˜€

    And blessings to you, Vicki. I don’t think you’ve been around my neck of the woods yet—so I’ll put a SHAMELESS plug for a fund raiser that launches on the 15th. (It’s last Tuesday’s post!)

  10. Well, at least it has four fingers and a thumb. Not bad.

  11. Glad to have news of you, Vicki.

    My favorite part of yoga class is the beginning when our teacher causes us to think of something or somewhere to focus our practice. Helps me concentrate, probably much easier than any question of who’s benefiting or suffering!

  12. Raehan is one of my Special Ones, as are you and of course Yo-Mama who pops up when I least expect it, usually when I have been cursing like a sailor.

    Take care of that face of yours, honey. I’m very fond of it.

  13. So much to do
    So little time
    So many thoughts
    So many hurts
    So …. many prayers go up for new babies and sick friends and for you….. for rest and peace and joy!

    Love the baby pic!

  14. Is that a long i or a short i in that monkey’s moniker?
    Hope all is well.

  15. I have seeds to mail you. Send me your Florida mailing address pls. xoxoxo Michelle

  16. It’s been almost a whole month since you’ve posted, vicki. Just wanted to stop by and see how you are. Hope everything is okay there. Thinking of you.

  17. Happy Mother’s Day. I know you are missing yours. Hope your kids step up and make you feel special. Where are you these days? I am done with class and ready for a real visit with you.

  18. Happy Mother’s Day, Vicki. Hope you and yours are well and happy.

  19. Update, homegirl!

  20. Vicki, it has really been toooooo long between updates. What’s going on?

  21. My friend HolaIsabel hires guest bloggers when she’s too busy to post…..

  22. What are these funny squares to the right?

  23. Could someone who knows Vicki well, please call her and then, just post that she is okay?

  24. We spotted her in Michigan a few days ago and she was fine. Seems to be happily busy with family and travel. I miss her posts too and hope that she will get back to it.

  25. Dude. Sending love.

    Miss you. Saw something about great rental car deals to drive cars back from Florida. Thought about flying down to visit you and driving one of those bargains back just for fun.

    But you are in Michigan? šŸ™‚

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