Back to Windyville

I’m at the airport, waiting for my plane to fly back to Chicago. I’ll be there for most of the next week. The primary reason I’m flying back is that I’m giving a private donor tour at the zoo on Saturday. Because Lincoln Park is the last free private zoo in the country, we are highly dependent on generous benefactors. On one end of the continuum these donors give enough to build entire pavillions, a state of the art primate habitat and research facility and on the other end, lots of our supporters have just a family membership. In both cases, these are the people who sustain us and our charges.

This private tour will be fun- it will get me back into the zoo at full speed after several months away. For a private tour I have to be on my toes with all of my animal facts straight. Tomorrow and Friday I’ll go over and see who has hatched, been born, moved to a new enclosure or arrived as a visitor from another zoo.

I didn’t bring my camera. I’m traveling light and besides, I’m cranky with it because it is again having focusing issues. It may be time to keep the lenses, which are fine, and switch out cameras. I’ve loved my Canon but over 20,000 photos later and lots of travel, well, perhaps it’s time to retire.

I’m thinking I’ll have quite a bit of time to get around and visit you, especially since Rich said that the cable was out, again, and I’m so done dealing with our provider I’ll probably just wait until we return for good in a month and switch.

I did want to share this little video clip about the zoo with you- it was shown on ABC Evening News the other day. I’ve mentioned here before that older zoos often have older populations and, as one of the oldest zoos in the nation, Lincoln Park has more than it’s fair share of geriatric residents. Sometimes the public sees one of our animals looking less active and agile and think it’s tied to care. In fact, just the opposite is true.

I also wanted to share this sweet picture of two of our Lowland Gorillas. I love this pair. I’ll be interested to see if they remember me.


15 responses to “Back to Windyville

  1. Safe journey. Have a wonderful tour. I know you’ll remember all your facts, and hurry back.

  2. Windy, cold, still snowy? But it will be interesting to get back to the zoo. I didn’t realize it was FREE. Yikes–when I think of how much I’ve paid to get into places like the San Diego Zoo, you must have very generous donors. Your cable is out? Won’t that affect your internet too?

  3. I bet the gorillas will remember you!

    Hope your flight is safe and that the weather there is nice. I think a toure given by you at the zoo would be good for even more money donated!!

    Have you seen the utube video of an elephant painting a self-potrait? If you haven’t, email me and I’ll send the link. It’s amazing!

  4. I think the gorillas will remember you. They’re primates, it’s what we do, especially when we like someone. I hope the travel is safe and good, and the week in the windy city delightful in its own way.

  5. Oh, you don’t seem very forgettable.

  6. A little off-topic here, but I think you’ll enjoy this link about a kiwi:

  7. Vicki! Gimme a call… I’m going to be in Chicago next week and I’m hoping we’ll overlap. Love you…

  8. Vick, you MUST join Ravelry. There are dozens of groups who chat about felting. Your animals are SO amazing!

  9. Thanks for the visit. I hope your hair is gorgeous for the tour on Saturday!

  10. I’ve never known anybody to forget you, so how could they start now?

  11. You know—your photos scream to be used for a “caption this” post. 😀 I can’t imagine what your readers would say about that last photo–but I’d tune in to find out.

    They amazing, btw.

  12. I love the zoo. Sadly, I don’t care for the Dallas Zoo. It’s very old, and I don’t think they’ve updated it very well. The Fort Worth Zoo is amazing, but alas, about an hour away. I’m sure your friends will remember you well. They are beautiful creatures.

    I posted a photo recently, and when I took it, I thought of you and how it was the kind of thing you would do. Since you’re the wildlife expert, how ’bout you take a look and tell me what it is!

  13. I was looking for you in the Top Chef “block party” episode….. watch out for those tornadoes tomorrow!!

  14. so did they remember you? And are you not in the windy city any longer?

  15. I suddenly have an urge to hold Pada Hastasana.

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