What Lurks Beneath?


It’s Friday and I have a bad cold, compliments of those little weasels at the family village. On Monday we had a wonderful time with “feathers.” I showed them how they can be both strong and light -we cut some apart and examined the hollow shaft, I showed them how they have “zippers” and waterproofing. I let them push the button on my new Bird Song book, a Christmas gift from Abby that identifies over 200 birds by their sound. Everyone agreed the Common Loon has a very cool sound- more like a lone wolf in the North. Each child got a peacock feather and then we used the book, Hawk Highway in the Sky, to talk about raptors and migration. Finally we made wild and outlandish birds with styrofoam balls and pipe cleaners and lots and lots of feathers. All nine children were completely involved and interested and in the end there were hugs all around- and this wretched cold. Sigh. When I used to work with children all of the time I was impervious to mugwump germs; now I seem to have lost my resistance.

It may also be the lack of FAT in my diet this week. (grrrrr). It’s going okay and FC and Kimberley are both right about the lack of consistency around here. But I’m persevering and although my body is screaming for cream of potato soup, I’m continuing to push the green foods. It’s not nearly as hard with these beautiful earth boxes. Looky, looky:


(Sophie nibbles the chives and baby mixed greens)


(only two weeks from planting the seeds. Soon we will have sugar snap peas!)


(I’ve been planting new seeds each week to keep a continuous supply going)


The past couple days I’ve been making sandwich wraps with fresh greens and small earth box tomatoes, a hard boiled egg, 1/4 sliced avocado and a couple tablespoons of Boursin cheese. The cheese, of course, is FAT, but at least it’s in the dairy category. I’ve been using either whole grain or spinach wraps, fat-free, low carb and they actually-wonder of wonders because I prefer Wonder Bread-taste good.


I also plan to listen to MJB and Cathy on the manatee front and head over to the power plant this weekend. They’ve proved entirely elusive down at the bayou other than the two days I went down and saw lots and lots of backs (no camera!). None of them have been at the seawall, snout up, lolling about and being social. I’ve been walking or biking down each afternoon- nada. Yesterday I went down a bit after high tide, right when the light was beginning to change at the edge of dusk. The bayou was beautiful, but no manatee. While I was staring intently at the surface I caught a glimpse of movement on the dock and there was my regular friend. This little Green Heron is easy to overlook since he usually sits quite still, watching the water for edible life. His favorite fishing perch is a mere few feet from where the manatee come to the wall (in theory) and although our local munch of manatee (what is the noun of assemblage for manatee?) draw lots of folk to the wall, most all of them miss the heron, busy scoping out dinner.


The little Green Heron is one of the few birds who are tool users. He will drop an insect on the surface of the water to attract small fish or frogs. I have great admiration for any creature that can fly in the face of “a bird (or bug) in the hand…”

The light was changing and he was quick,quick,quick. You can see that I was right on the edge of some good shots.


Okay then. Have a great weekend. I’m going to lay low, nurse this cold and make a few phone calls. I don’t want to talk about it here but I’ve become a political activist. For the first time ever. I’m that hopeful that this time things could be different. So, I’m phone banking to those good folk in Washington, Louisiana and Nebraska today. “Huddow? I’b cawing to as’ you to be sure an’ caucus. Sniff, sniff. Tank you.”


16 responses to “What Lurks Beneath?

  1. I googled “assemblage of manatees” and your post (right here, this very one that you just now posted) was the 2nd link on the search results. According to the first link, it is a herd of manatees. I think that your term was much, much better and should be made official. Best of luck in your search for a social and chatty munch of manatees.

    And, I enjoyed the idea of your calling people with a stuffed nose to ask them to be sure to vote. Too funny!

  2. Is that a flower in your wrap? Very curious…

    You can call me. I’m voting this Tuesday ( SO excited) but I always love to talk to you.

    I forgot to tivo Survivor last night but I just watched it online. Woo hoo!!! Loved it πŸ™‚

  3. Dreaded digital delay.

    A group of manatees is called a “Buffett”.
    As in Jimmy.

    I just made that up, but let it start here!

  4. I immediately thought of herd, since they’re also known as sea cows. I went to the power plant last year to see the manatees. I had taken a wrong exit off of 75. When I realized I had gotten off too soon, I saw the sign for manatee sighting, so I went on. That day there were more people than manatees. I guess it wasn’t too cold that day.

    Take care of yourself.

  5. Sorry you got a cold, Vicki, but you got it doing a great thing – so you should take comfort in that. Your pots look wonderful; anyone could eat well with those! Remember – boursin is such a GOOD fat! Hope you feel better soon, and good on ya for the calling.

  6. Oh, sending healing vibes your way.

  7. Feel better, Vicki! Fab photos of your growing efforts.

    Good on you for political activism. Of course, you know I’ll be cancelling your vote in November. Right after I cancel my son’s.

  8. Liza and FC- Munch is good but I really do like a Buffett of Manatees. It’s official. πŸ™‚

    Kimberly- yes, a nasturtium a day is good for you. Spruces up your innards.

    Beverly- Well, that’s where I’m headed- as soon as this cold gets under control- thanks.

    Kenju- I do really value the time I spend with those urchins and it’s gratifying that they are so eager to learn and be engaged.
    A cold in the face of that is nothing. Well, almost nothing.

    Wende- I was making myself some tea this morning from a gift assortment I got for Christmas and there was a chai tea bag…I thought of you. Plus I have good honey so tonight it is.

    Karen- Thank you for the visit and health wishes. You know, that’s one perspective on it. Another is, your son and I are not only canceling you but someone else to boot. πŸ˜‰ It’s the American way…

  9. Don’t forget my husband. I knew you’d enjoy the comment! That’s why we enjoy each other!

  10. Golly whiz, take gooder care of yournself. Wouldn’t do to have you in a hospital with nobody to do these fine blogs.

  11. Sorry about your cold! I have had one off and on lately–it must be all these germy teenagers. Is that a flower in that wrap? It looks really pretty, but I don’t know if I would eat it. Will you be calling me? If so, Alison, my parents and I will be at the caucus for the first time ever. (Alison as a first time voter and my dad at 80 years) I think my parents will cancel out Alison and me though since they are probably voting for the other person.

  12. If you have to catch miserable cold, is there any better way than to be turning those little ones on to birds? What a good thing you do for the future of both the human and bird worlds.

    I’m feeling disheartened by politics these days. My candidate dropped out early, and the one I’ve latched my heart on to now probably has no chance whatsoever. I vacillate between hope and despair.

  13. Man oh man that sandwich wrap looks good! I WANT one!!!

  14. Why didn’t you call? I would’ve loved to talk to you. No matter, I went to my caucus anyway. (I like caucusing much better than voting in a primary.) Not only did I show up, but I nominated myself as an alternate to our district caucus. Anyone who wanted to be a delegate or alternate got to be one, so I’ll be at the district caucus in April.

  15. Loons have a very haunting call. Almost spooky…

  16. Ah it’s pictures of sophie!!! I miss pictures of mcCloud πŸ™‚ He’s so affable and friendly. Not that sophie isn’t…I just have some harbored favoritism towards McCloud

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