Play to your strengths

I’m embarrassed to say that I couldn’t get access to my blog for two days because I forgot my login name. Not just the password but also the login. How lame is that? My browser was having some cookies and got the hiccups and then my wordpress site reverted to the address that was used when this place was set up. And yeesh, that was months ago and my friend Elizabeth was the one who set it up so I wasn’t paying attention at that point.

The real problem is, I’m not a mathematician, but even I have figured out that three login names and three pet names equals 8,714 different combinations and I can’t be expected to remember all of those for every single airline, utility company, bank account, eBay, mail, online shopping and so on. And although I remembered every single name, spouse’s name, children’s names and life history of every person who ever came through my office for some inexplicable reason memory is not my current strong suit. (No, they weren’t in my office for some inexplicable reason. Most of them had a good excuse. That clause is supposed to be attached to my memory. I need a comma somewhere but it’s such a run-on sentence, it’s hard to know where, exactly. If only I could write better than I think.)

I am doing a great job of exercising the cat. McCloud, in turn, says this fitness business is not his strong suit and he is doing his very best to hide- in that way that simple cats think they are hiding- when he senses I am about to cart him out for his walk down the block.


On the other hand, loving companion IS his strong suit and he has been getting ready for company. Me, too. My very good friend from book club, the one who was widowed right after we were at the lake cottage for BCMA in late November, is coming down for a few days of well deserved R and R. She’s been doing the dismal tasks of sorting out insurance policies and pensions and the other day when I called she was tearing apart and repotting the plants that came to the funeral home. And crying. I don’t blame her. Those odd baskets that have both fresh flowers mixed with house plants are dismal. What are you supposed to do after the fresh flowers die? Throw out the plants? That’s depressing. On the other hand, they can’t stay all crammed into the flimsy plastic lined basket with the yellow ribbon. I know. That isn’t what she was crying about.

Anyway, Judy and her lovely lovely daughter Amy (my favorite special ed teacher in the whole world) are arriving late tonight and we all want to sit around and cry together. Then we’ll laugh and knit and eat shrimp and drink a little wine and take a beach walk at Ft. DeSoto. Amy has never been to Florida. Can you believe that? She’s been to Australia but not Florida. So this will be a really good weekend and we’ve all been looking forward to it.

McCloud knew as soon as I started changing sheets and putting fresh flowers in the guest room that someone is coming. He’s been camped out there for two days straight even though he never goes in there unless we are having guests. He will keep Judy good company in the wee hours.


15 responses to “Play to your strengths

  1. I think McCloud is looking thinner already, Vicki!

  2. He sure has a snuggy belly. I want to bury my face in it!

    Enjoy your friends!

  3. First I read your post on the “fat cats” and those pictures had me in stitches. At first when you said “McCloud’s exercise program… then Rich carrying him down the street.”, I was howling… but, he did make him walk home. The Ragdolls would just flop down and stay, or better yet… wander away, never to be heard from again. I think the best word to use for him is “portly”… such a dignified description. I think McCloud is a handsome gentleman no matter what he weighs and I am sure he will lavish much needed calm attention on your friends… have a restful time.

  4. There’s nothing like a snuggly kitty for imparting calm comfort. Have fun with Judy and Amy.

  5. McCloud reminds me so much of my much-loved Wimsey. Same coloring, same personality. Almost 15 years, and I still miss him.

    Enjoy the girls’ weekend. Good friends, good cat, what’s not to revel in?

  6. It is sweet how McCloud appears to be readying the guest room too. I wonder if he has other motives also; perhaps he hopes you won’t notice him in there & will completely forget his daily walk.

  7. Oh yes, too many logins and passwords. Who can remember all of this stuff? I dread the day my computer hard-drive crashes, which I think is inevitable at some point. I will lose all contact with the online world, and re-entry will be nearly impossible.

    Hope your weekend gathering is wonderful. McCloud is a cutie.

  8. Never been to Florida?
    Have a fun weekend and keep McC on his toes. He’s starting to look ripped. The summer swim suit season is not far away after all.

  9. Passwords and logins are such a bother I agree (now which is my blog name?rummage, rummage through my memory)
    Your weekend sounds so comforting for your friend. I have a dear friend who’s husband is dying and am trying to think of ways to help her…it is hard.
    I LOVE the story of McCloud’s exercise regime. Hope he and you are successful. I am right there with him as I work on my new year’s exercise program.

  10. Pictures of that cat just make me HAPPY. He’s a visual tab of prozac.

    Thank you, so much, for your support of BW over on Modish. 😀 Smooch, smooch.

  11. I think they are filming the rest of your movie on my island. There is an old house around the corner. Every night it is lit up with huge flood lights and people come and go. There is a big box truck and lots of equipment and cars parked all up and down the road. Do you think it is the same group?

  12. I can’t remember any of my passwords either; it is SO frustrating! I love the cat and wish I had a fat, loving cat versus vicious, but skinny Kendra.

  13. I have a bad cold, but I am enjoying reading about your Florida adventures.

    Maybe I could get someone to hault me a distance away from the house so I have to exercise to get back.

    I nap a lot too…

  14. Do your guests know what a swell time McCloud has — and gives?

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