So, how cold IS it?

There are agricultural concerns that are serious (what’s happening to the berry and citrus crops these nights?) and then there are the “OMG! Take cover! Open the shelters! The temperature is falling! The temperature is falling!” State full of wussies, swear to God. Folks here in sunny Florida are bracing for the end of the world as the temperatures in St. Petersburg fall to- are you ready friends in Chicago? 34 degrees. Yesterday it was in the fifties during much of the day, breezy but sunny. Lawwryy, the garden helper, acted as though I was asking him to prune shrubs at the Amundsen-Scott station. He huddled on the porch with his hood up and whimpered.

Back in Chicago and Ann Arbor, winter has settled in with lots and lots of snow and really cold weather. I mention Ann Arbor because that’s where my birthday baby is today, playing in a snow fort like a little girl. She’s “home” for winter break, seeing her dad and brother and all of her best friends and won’t return to Florida until the weekend as the semester gets going. She keeps calling and telling me how much fun she is having. While some of us went to a neighborhood potluck and were back in bed by 11 pm, she rang in the year with style. She went to hear her brother play with his band, NOMO, at Leopold Bros. I think this is the third year in a row for a sold out night there. Then they went to a private party at a Jamaican Jerk restaurant a friend’s parents own and then they went out and had snowballs fights in 10 inches of new snow. I noticed that Dan will be playing in Chicago in a couple weeks; we’ll miss that too. Ironic that after 30 years there, I’m in Florida and the kids are in Ann Arbor.


So ironic, in fact, me in Florida with wussies whining about the cold and my children frolicking in the cold north, that I think I’ll leave. Go some place warmer. Do a little snorkeling at Molokini. Watch some whales on their warm winter diet. Smell some plumeria. I’ll check in on a couple of my Florida neighbor’s blogs so I know when to come back. I’ll send a postcard, too. “Weather is here, wish you were beautiful.”

Just kidding. You are. Beautiful that is. And I wish you a peaceful and warm New Years, even if it’s only in your heart and hearth. That’s where it starts, you know.

I’ll post from Maui. Aloha.


15 responses to “So, how cold IS it?

  1. Say hello to Molokini for me. I have great memories of snorkeling there! Have a great trip!

  2. And some of your wussies are those northerners who complain because how cold it is here.

    I hope that they will have strawberries and oranges to eat.

  3. Sorry about my comment above. I should have waited a bit before responding.

    I just enjoy this weather knowing what it’s going to be like in July, August, and September.

  4. Me thinks she doth protest too much!

    Going tropical just when freezing temps are headed your direction and then taunting the locals for their “wussieness”. We call that a “yo mama and dash”.

    Enjoy the warmth. My bit of paradise is bracing for another storm and sadly, it’s not much better weather projected for my getaway spot—so I’m grounded.

    Happy New Year.

  5. The weatherpeople are not menopausal. I, however, have been wearing shorts and a tank top even though it was 33 degrees with ice on my co workers car this AM. Not all Floridians are sad about this cold.

  6. Have a good time, Vicki! I’ll be here when you get back, probably still complaining about my job.

  7. Happy New Year, my dear! Enjoy the sun and surf!

    We are tucking in to watch the Iowa Caucus results.

  8. WHOA–I’m so jealous. We are here in Vegas with loads of drunk people. I am in the room watching political speeches and drinking a Diet Pepsi. (what a bore) That is pretty cold for Florida! I hope those yummy oranges survive.

  9. Oh, you world traveler you! We’re freezing our patooties off here in NC (it will be 19* overnight) and you’re jetting to Maui? Poor baby…..LOL
    Hoist a brew in Lahaina for me, okay?

  10. Check the lineage of those wussies. Most of them are retirees from the north.
    Beverly was right the first time and Cathy S is correctomundo when she implies that many of us relish the cold weather.
    You don’t sit still long do ya?

    Nice Buffett reference by the way.

  11. Maui? You really are aiming for some warm, balmy weather. Hope you have a grand time. We’re expecting one of the biggest storms to hit southern California in years. I hope it’s not exciting at all. Happy New Year, Vicki.

  12. Say hello to the lepers for me. Wherever they are.

  13. ROFL at all of the comments here. and may I just say that I am LOVING the photo of the band. Totally cool shot.

    I think I need some heat and sunshine. Truly. New Mexico is DEFINITELY in my future.

  14. You travel extensively! Do those jets run on doughnut grease?

  15. So, how’s Maui?

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