I’m too crafty for my body?


See? It looks less like a calla lily and more like, ah, well, I just don’t know. I just want to go on record as saying the bubble was intentional and I worked hard to get it in there.


I think I mentioned some months ago that I had sent off a giant box of merino wool from a friend’s flock, to be processed and carded and spun for winter sweaters. I did get back some beautiful yarn that I’m knitting up but I also got back about half of it unspun. This wool staple was too short for machine spinning so I can either hand spin it or look cross-eyed at it as it takes up space in my office. After the frustration of glass blowing I got even more annoyed with that box of wool because I’m not very proficient at spinning either, and I figured there will be an ice rink in hell before I get that turned into workable knitting fiber. So, on a whim, I decided to try my hand at needle felting. I’ll do a step-by-step soon but for now, here’s a picture of some Christmas gifts I’m working on. After dying the wool, I started with little personalized kitty toys with bells in them, but now I’ve moved on to birds. Mostly penguins ( here’s an emperor and two crested penguins) but I’m also googling pictures of geese and backyard birds to use as models. The little colorful finch is a Gouldian finch I made for the friend who now cares for my Gouldians since we can’t safely transport them back and forth with the seasons. She’s provided a great home for them and even managed to get them to lay, hatch and raise a family of five.


Needle felting is sort of an inane activity: you just take a loose wad of wool roving and start jabbing it repeatedly with a barbed needle. The fun comes in trying to shape it into something recognizable. I’ll put up more pictures of the process from start to finish but right now I need to sew some little eyes on the rest of these critters and get them wrapped.


15 responses to “I’m too crafty for my body?

  1. Is there NO END to your creativity and abilities??? You put me to shame, Vicki! Those animals are adorable! The glass bowl isn’t half bad, and if you hadn’t said it was supposed to be a calla, I might have thought it was just intended to be a column of color. It is lovely and can serve as a reminder of your attempt to be a blow hard…..LOL

  2. The little animals are adorable. It can’t be as easy as you make it sound.

    And thanks for introducing me to Gouldian Finches. It never occurred to me that you could successfully raise birds in a house with cats.

  3. Did you make that bowl? It is beautiful. What an accomplishment. And the little animals are very cute, too. I traded my crafty bones in when I became a mom. No energy left to craft with and now that my nest is emptying, I wouldn’t know where to begin again. You are an inspiration though.

  4. So nice to read your latest posts. Prayers to your friend who lost her dear husband…
    Would love to have been on the tour to see your four Christmas trees. I love the John Deere story and tell it to people often.
    The 4th Street Shrimp Store is my favorite restaurant to walk to from my son’s apartment. Being a huge shrimp lover…yum.
    So sorry to hear about your tooth crisis. I just went through a cracked crown, new replacement etc.

    Your felt animals are really adorable. I LOVE them. It is beyond me where you find the time to do all you do.
    I hope you have a beautiful, holy Christmas.

  5. You never cease to amaze me with your many talents. Pack up your wool and come to Florida!!!

  6. The bowl is beautiful. The paperweight is bizarre. The felt critters are impressive to me because I know that in my hands the wool would never move past the lumpy stage. You are a crafty soul indeed.

  7. I love the er… whatever.

  8. Oh, I love those little penguins! And the cardinal! You are inspiring. Some day very soon, when I’ve changed jobs and have more time, I’m going to learn to do something with yarn other than collect it.

  9. From your last post I fully expected to see alien-shaped, blobby glunks of glass-like material…not fully recognizable and quite lovely displayable paperweights and bowls! I’m impressed, again!

  10. Ditto AC exactly.

  11. THAT’S “trying your hand” at needle felting? Wow, I’d say you caught on to that in a hurry. Fun!

  12. Penguins! Yea! I feel unworthy to even read and look at your accomplishments. You ooze with creativity and talent.

  13. You’re a crafty old bird, Vicki.

  14. Personally, I think the glass bowl is absolutely lovely!!!! My brother would too, although he would really go nuts over the penguins. Love to see pictures of the trees!

  15. I’ll take one of each please.

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