I would like to go out in the snow and make a snow angel.


13 responses to “I would like to go out in the snow and make a snow angel.

  1. Wow! A bold new look. I like it. And, I like your picture. Truly lovely. I wouldn’t recommend snow angels until you are feeling better though. Seriously!

  2. Feeling better? What’s wrong, Vicki? I am glad we don’t have snow, but angels are nice!

  3. Wait, wait. You haven’t been well? When did you get back to Chicago and why on earth choose now?

  4. I’m so glad to see something new here! I’ve missed you, and have been worried. Are you OK?

  5. The true Christmas miracle! I see that you are easing your way back into things. Not a post, just a picture and an enigmatic title. Okay, fine. I’ll take what I can get.

    How’s that jawbone?

  6. I went by your house last Tuesday when I was at the doctor’s in St. Pete. It looks lonely. I was hoping to get a glimpse of you there.

  7. WHAT?
    Are you okay?

  8. Ditto….are you OK? And yes, why on earth would you want to be in Chicago now? I understand, for the seasonal effects and friends :o)

  9. We know that you have sickness of the jaw. So how’s Rich?
    I assume from the picture that you are not in Florida, but with global snowing, who knows?

  10. Glad to see a post here. Where have you been? Are you okay? Hoping all is well and there are snow angels in your future.

  11. Jaw surgery? BTDT … Crank up the blender. There’s nothing you can’t puree if you put your mind to it.

    And yes, you can live on cream of shrimp soup with liberal amounts of sherry added to it.

  12. Sorry you haven’t been well. Did you miss the Christmas tour?

  13. Snow angels are lovely, and that photo is a work of art. We haven’t had any snow lately, and I’m thankful. Once again, Ashley and her boyfriend are coming through your area after Christmas. I don’t think they’ll be so lucky on the weather this year! Hope you’re well!

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