Costume contest- and the winner is…

I don’t write about Rich all that much, even though we do have those cutesy exchanges that Miz Mary thinks aren’t good blog fodder. (Recent example: I was complaining about not being gainfully enough employed, per usual and Rich answered in his most sincere voice that I did a lot of very important volunteer work so really it’s like I’m only “semi-retarded.” Unfortunately for him, it was a slip, not an attempt at humor.) Anyway, as you know from bits here and there he works in the corporate world as the chief strategy officer for a worldwide firm that, ah, does business. He’s a research psychologist and trys to figure out how people want to spend their time. Something like that. Sports- have I mentioned sports? (Yes, I will be sitting ringside for the final match of the World Boxing Championship come Saturday. That will be some blog post.) He works with clients like MLB, NFL, NCAA and now, most all the time, he’s busy with the Olympics. Sometimes his work takes him to Paris or Switzerland or where ever and he dresses in very fine suits. He cleans up beautifully. Very hot.

Unfortunately, he only dresses for success when he absolutely needs to. He’s a comfort creature, which I can relate to because I am too, but he takes it to extremes. And he NEVER adds any variety. NEVER. He can ask me, early in the morning, “does this look okay?” (which he does, with curious frequency, considering) and I don’t even have to roll over and open my eyes to say, “Yup. Looks fine.” That’s the only acceptable answer. I could say, “looks like you came over in the bilge tank of a refugee ship” and he would still go off to work, comfortable and content, hi-ho, hi-ho. He’s one of those really really secure people who doesn’t care about appearances or what other people think.

What does he wear, when he’s not in a 1500.00 suit, you ask? Jeans. Not designer jeans. Docker jeans. In warm weather he wears sandals and a hawaiian shirt. Downtown. To work, at the corner of Wacker and Columbus. In cool weather it’s the Dockers plus a plaid shirt and a vest with a sport logo of some sort. He has dozens of variations on this wardrobe that are not variations at all.

Yesterday, at his work, everyone came in a costume because it was Halloween. Three people, besides Rich, actually came in costume- as Rich. The guy on the far left? He has Rich’s visible white tee-shirt thing down to a, well, tee. My sweetie is the hopelessly cute guy second from left and yes, those are his business work shoes. And that vest? You wouldn’t know it but it’s a very expensive pure alpaca vest that is reversible. He liked it because that way he had “two different looks.” Anyway, we all know that imitation is the greatest form of flattery.


(Yes. They play foosball at work…)

16 responses to “Costume contest- and the winner is…

  1. I loved the “semi-retarded” comment. It had me cracking up in my cube this morning. Nice to start the morning with a laugh.

  2. Thanks for the laugh! Too funny!

  3. Cute post, cute hubby whom I had the good fortune to meet once. I wanted to mention something about your Christmas tree decorating for the Historic society tour. I knew you would WANT TO KNOW that on ebay you can purchase handmade manatee ornaments!! It may be hard to choose though since the lady makes several styles… : )

  4. How flattering it must have been for rich to be copied like that! (When he retires that alpaca vest – I want it!!) Does the guy on his left always wear white socks with sandals? LOL

  5. Kenju- no, but Rich does! It was part of the costume. 🙂

  6. LOL – I was hoping you’d say yes so I’d know that Rich didn’t. Cute guy, though!

  7. Dammit, I can see that I am going to have to explain that thing about the cute exchanges between spouses on my own blog.

    Okay, fine.

    I also choose comfort over style 90% of the time. Slobs of the world, unite!

    Did I just call Rich a slob? That was not my intention.

  8. Jeans and vests, y’all?
    Beats “metrosexual.”

  9. Oh come on. Metrosexual is hot.

  10. Miz S- I think Rich thinks that IS metrosexual- what he’s wearing. And Bonnie, I know how you feel about Halloween and I definitely don’t hold that or your expression of your dislike against you. BTW, Rich (who is looking quite hot after 10 days) just said, “Oh! Since we will be at the championships (boxing) we need to record the game. I want to watch Michigan kill Michigan State…”

  11. That is hilarious that they came in costume as Rich. My husband has his own construction guy look, and even dressed up looks exactly like what he is–a carpenter. By the way, one Mardi Gras a student made a mask in class, OF ME. It was hilarious. I still have it on my wall.

  12. The guy on the left (in the picture) does not have on the jeans (which, of course, I think of as “genes”). Rich would never be caught alive in denims, right?
    At least not on casual Friday….

  13. Oh that’s fabulous. And what’s so bad about cute exchanges? I don’t get it.

  14. That is just too cool.

  15. Did they go out and get eyeglasses to look more like Rich?

    Luckily I live in a city where casual is the norm and dressed up looks a little “odd”.

    Would you like an 8 year old female cat? She doesn’t get along with other cats well so you’d have to build her an extra wing on your house.

  16. Oh, sweetie, you’re lucky you saw him first. He’s a keeper!

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