Keri’s wish is my command

More pictures of this neighborhood that goes all out for Halloween! Tonight the sidewalks were a wall of costumed urchins and every house was decorated with goblins and ghosts. Here are a few photographs of my friend and neighbor’s house.


What’s real and what’s not?


Bats and eyeballs in the staghorn fern…

The fountain breathes…


(But still, the yard is all native Florida…)

It’s really really scary…


Yet, in the end, it’s just Larry! (aka Gigi, our favorite gardener)

7 responses to “Keri’s wish is my command

  1. THANK YOU, VICKI!!!!!

    I love it. Especially the beautiful children. And Larry… hahahaha!!!!

  2. Well, they really DO go all out, I’d say! We didn’t do Halloween this year and I missed seeing the few children we have for trick or treat. Thanks for sharing yours.

  3. The expressions on those kids’ faces are priceless. We had a few trick-or-treaters last night on my dead-end street. Unfortunately we ended up with a LOT of leftover candy.

  4. My childhood neighborhood (led by my Dad) goes all out too.
    Thanks for posting that!

  5. We got two trick-or-treaters last night.


  6. I hope you hugged those little people till they got over the scareds. Neat pix, all around.

  7. I am a snob come All Hallowed Saints’ Eve. I do not enjoy the sights one bit. As the noise pollution that passes as music these days is the sight pollution of chintzy, pagan decorations and costumes. That having been said, is there a ghost of a chance of you still tolerating me?

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