Did I mention that I’m not very much like Martha Stewart?

Or Kenju? Or Angie? (Not that they are like Martha Stewart either and I doubt seriously that Martha is doing half as much incubating, but you get the drift of what I am saying.) This Florida trip is taking it’s toll. Because I’m working on a PROJECT. Rich says I do well when I get excited about a renovation or a new path or a project. The mood I’m in this morning, I think he just says that because he wants me to be content and busy while he watches 600 rounds of boxing…

The World Boxing Championships in Chicago are going well as the city has rolled out the red carpet. Mayor D is very eager to get the Olympics for Chicago (in 2016, long after most people we know, including ourselves, will be pushing up daisies) and the IOC is watching this one closely so everyone is on their toes. With the possible exception of three boxers, who were gone in sixty seconds, as in “now we are Americans, yes?” The two Ugandans and the Armenian apparently never even thought much about boxing- they just ran around the ring in circles to avoid getting hit- and then disappeared into the underbelly of freedom, pork rinds and taxi driving. They’re probably in line with the deli ticket lady at DMV as I write. Smart fellas.

America is, come Hell or high water, a good place to be I guess. I mean where else can you come out of prison, go back to life on your estate in the Hampshires and resume making Mini Pumpkin Whoopie Pies on National television?

Back here in the rain forest St. Petersburg, I am getting ready for ( I can barely type it) Christmas! Ta-da! In April it sounded like a great idea to have the house on the Old NorthEast Historic Candlelight Tour. Now? Not so sure. You remember that smiling face on the carousel last week? Here is a self portrait of me after 3 days in (I can barely type it) the holiday light department of Walmarts. BTW, orange lights are now 70% off.


Tomorrow, we will be having a multiple choice test on the aesthetics of Christmas trees. You MUST attend, there will be no make-up and I can’t do this alone. (help me, pleeeze).

Abby is not her mother’s daughter (remember? She was switched in the nursery?) She is enjoying life to the fullest. Makes me smile just to look at her.



13 responses to “Did I mention that I’m not very much like Martha Stewart?

  1. Well, I think you look lovely! Can’t wait to see a picture of your house after the lights are all up! šŸ™‚

  2. It’s not to late to move, hide, or convert.

  3. I can’t see your photo (Waaaah! – the dreaded red x syndrome)

    Abby is lovely and so
    is her date!!

    I’d be happy to trim your tree for the tour. Just buy a plane ticket for me and I’m there!! Thanks for the link (I’m no Martha either!).

  4. You’re so polite, lizalee. Not honest, but polite. What would Miz Mary’s friend, Jane, say?

    wren- life should be that easy. the biggest and best trees here in St. Petersburg are brought to you by non- Christians. It is Florida, after all.

    Kenju- depending on tomorrow’s blind choice opinion poll, the ticket may be in the mail. Thank you.

  5. I live close, but I’m not very creative at decorating.

    Abby is absolutely gorgeous. The young man isn’t bad looking either.

    I can’t see the other picture either. I’m glad to hear that Florida is getting lots of rain.

  6. You daughter is dahling, dahlink. Really sweet.

    What, pray tell, is the project? And do not be writing about Christmas until at least Halloween.

  7. The Snarl doesn’t look a bit snarly. In fact, she looks so beautiful, healthy, and happy that she sort of takes my breath away. Her young Russian man is very handsome. Are they good together? Do we approve?

  8. Oh, and what the hell are you talking about, you’ll be pushing up daisies in 2016?

  9. That is one fine looking couple. Abby is so lovely. Great smile.

  10. I am your woman when it comes to decorating. I LOVE Christmas and have so many decorations that I have to alternate years. It is Florida after all and we have to manufacture our seasons. Call me if you need a hand.

  11. What a beautiful daughter you have–is that her man? He’s a cutie. I am NOT a decorator and feel pretty good if I have a couple of things up. Good luck!

  12. Have you told him how she used to run naked across the street after her baths to swing?

    I have this sinking feeling I never made it over here to wish you a happy birthday. : (

    Happy belated birthday! You and Hannah are both October babies.

  13. Welcome Back To The Greyshine State!

    Did we forget to mention stalled cold fronts and day upon day of grey/rain?

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