Laid to rest?

First off, rumors that it was my birthday were flat out wrong. It was Kenju’s birthday, it is my stepdaughter’s birthday and it was my sister’s birthday but it was not mine. Believe me when I tell you that I will find a way to let you know when my birthday is upon me. I was thinking this might be one of those years when I do a birthday suit self-portrait photograph that I won’t share with Book Club, My Ass. BTW, did you know that United Nations Day is this month?

When I go to write something here at WordPress, there’s a line that reads, “your drafts:…” Lest you think I just sit around playing online Scrabble, here are some recent posts that I wrote, you haven’t read and now, they seem quite stale. Interestingly enough, some of these are the ones I would make chapters in a book and of course, since NaNoWriMo month is close at hand, I’m again thinking about the book. I’m not going to do NaNoWriMo.

A brief history of my teeth, in which I describe how it came to be that the only relationship I had with a dentician was a highly mercurial Tooth Fairy, resulting in a life long phobia. That part is interesting; it starts to wear thin when I talk about my attempts at reparation.

I guess “lazy” isn’t a world view, in which I answer questions for one of those online identity quizzes and discover that, really, I’m just lazy. This is old news and not worth reporting here.

The garage is alive, with the sound of music. Here I write about how the gene for musical talent skips a generation and my fervent attempts to squelch it in my children. This is a very interesting post, because it reveals a lot about my father’s motivation in parenting and the hysterically funny trauma of my youth at the hands of my Maalox guzzling piano teacher, Mrs. Nagly.

Julienned and flash-crisped leeks. You can do this without further ado. But I would like to write a book of essays/recipes and I think I could do this very nicely, with photos (once the camera is repaired.)

He Dances like a White Boyd. The absolutely hands-down funniest bird-lovers bird video you have ever seen. Ever. Having written that much, I can’t figure out how to get a whole post out of it. This one would NOT be a chapter in my book. Clever cockatoo but I thought of this title.

Toy Soldiers. This is, in fact, being released at a blog near you this Christmas. I will be proud of this one, as I am the Buckminster Fuller Christmas Story. Similarly, it’s mostly true.

A Two-letter Word for BS. A list of the crap words strangers in Halifax come up with when playing online Scrabble. Fat bastard Canucks. Includes my happy dance when I spelled “sinuate”, tacked it on to “jackets”, scored 91 points and got a bingo.


I’ve started doing tours at the zoo and this coming Monday I’ll be behind-the-scenes with a major donor. This is a great deal for me because I get to see what other people pay very big bucks to see. In preparation, I’ve been spending more time there. Here’s a little guy of note: an African Dwarf Crocodile, endangered species. We’re very proud of his father who goes by the handle of R1; he’s 67 years old, been with our zoo since childhood and is proud of his very first batch of (five) offspring. Makes you wonder what finally set things in motion, yes?32973351.jpg

24 responses to “Laid to rest?

  1. Man, I do not want to play Scrabble with you.

  2. Even if it doesn’t inspire an entire post, I’m glad you shared the bird video. Too funny.

    And by the way, “sinuate” for 91 points? From a woman who claimed only one point letters and three point words?

  3. Glad to know you’re alive and kicking. Scrabble sounds like fun. Ella is fine and it’s hot in Virginia. I must say that the mountains are such a beautiful sight to see though.

  4. I have half-written posts and great first sentences, but never thought to compile them into one fine and satisfying post. Grand idea. Love that crocodile.

  5. Vicki, it isn’t my birthday yet – that’s on the 30th. I thought yours was the 3rd. I guess I’m wrong, huh? Set me straight, please. when is it?

    I’d love to play Scrabble with you!!You’d be a real challenge!

  6. Even your drafts are above average?!

    After ‘while…

  7. And, regarding your birthday suit photograph: When I said I longed to see more of you, this is not what I had in mind.

  8. Like Miz S, I do not want to play Scrabble with you. Yikes!

    Your post drafts sound amazing and similarly intimidating. I think my one draft that I have is a post that I went to post, thought I lost, rewrote better, and then never deleted the draft. šŸ™‚

    Have fun on your behind the scenes tour. That dwarf croc is amazing.

    And, have a very merry unbirthday!

  9. October 24th! Right? šŸ˜€

    Enjoy the tour… rubbing elbows with the influential… remember us, when you get famous, m’kay?

    And as I’m finally home from the southland, there is a sermon to view.

  10. Thanks for the visit and the interpretation. As always, you made perfect sense, and I do appreciate your viewpoint. I hate thinking that 66 is a sign of weakness, but I suppose you are right….LOL

  11. Yes, October 24 for you and have a very Happy Birthday, indeed.

  12. That video is a hoot!

  13. I guess he just hadn’t found the right lady yet!

  14. Hooray for R1!

    It always surprises me to hear how much mother alligators do to take care of their babies.

    I’m not sure about papa crocs though.

  15. Wow. That is one wicked looking little dude.

    The bird? I love. Fabbo dancer. šŸ™‚

  16. Kudos and congrats to R1…

    I don’t know a bunch about crocs but I have been to an alligator farm in south Louisiana and participated in feeding the critters. Chicken. They eat lots of chicken.

  17. What a q-t? And his Dad is 67. That’s pretty old reptile sperm.

    You know, V, you can write short posts. Your partial drafts are pretty thought-provoking and funny on their own.

    And when are you coming to WNC?

  18. Love that little croc.

  19. Boy howdy. You’ve got b**g material coming out your ears. All of those would make wonderful b**gs, even if you have to make it up, which you would, of course, do.

    I loved the Cockatoo so much I’m stealing him.

  20. I missed the cockatoo link the first time around. The bird looks like Ella and some of her dances.

  21. The falling leaves gracing the NW just now remind me of a certain supermodel adorning herself with a crown of them. What, exactly, are you waiting for?

  22. Bonnie wants to see another nekkid picture of you.

  23. Girl…I thought I’d lost you! Hoss sent me to the right place šŸ™‚

  24. Ok, but even things that are laid to rest can be resurrected. The traditional down time being 3 days. You’re past due– Blog already.

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