If cats could talk, they wouldn’t

Grey is a strangely silent cat. In the month that I’ve known him I haven’t heard him meow once. He’s hissed at me twice- both times when I inadvertently rubbed a place on his hind flank where he seems tender, either from his rabies shot or a bruise from being stuffed in a bag and toppled about on airport floors en route to his new home. Either way, I blame myself.

Abby says he yowled one time during his first night and otherwise, the only sound that comes out of him is a loud purr. That is happening more and more often; he usually begins to rumble if you say nice things to him. As he settles in, he seems to want to be near people but not interfered with in any fashion. He’s eating, drinking, using the box. He is no longer spending time under the bed but he’s finding his way on his own terms. He is the one doing the petting, by means of a rub along a leg or a nose-to-nose but he is clearly cautious about being “person handled.” This is a change from his attitude when he was busy trying to buy his way out of homelessness; then he was slathering and falling all over himself to be affectionate. Ah well, who can blame him for working things to his advantage? After all, he is a cat.

My grandmother always said that once a cat settles down to bathe, he considers himself home. I took this picture of Grey last night after he spent a good hour grooming himself. When I suggested Abby hold him and pose, Grey politely got up and walked into the next room.


10 responses to “If cats could talk, they wouldn’t

  1. What makes you think they can’t talk?

  2. He is a beauty. I would probably be silent for a while too while I was figuring everything out.

  3. He’s just so gorgeous, I can’t imagine him ever not having a loving home. Our Benny has a lot of the same mannerisms you describe, 3 years post adoption; but, our Jack is a royal PITA, always underfoot, always looking for attention, always trying to sneak in the refrigerator. Oddly, Jack never meows, but squeaks instead.
    *they’re brothers & were rescued together so you have to wonder how they got to be so very different.

  4. Grey is such a beauty. The way you describe him is a lot like our cat Bonsai. He still behaves the way Grey does, and we’ve had him for six years! He’s rather aloof, and wants attention only on his terms. It’s what we love about him.

  5. He’s a handsome boy. I love that silver-gray.

  6. Even your cats are above average!

  7. Grey is simply one fine looking feline. Our rescued kitty (all of our cats have been rescued) currently in residence is named Oreo. He’s the first black and white we’ve ever had. We’ve tended to collect ginger yellow cats and a beauty of a calico. Oreo didn’t talk for a really long time, maybe a couple of years. Now he greets me each morning with a little meow, meow, and goes towards the kitchen for his can of Fancy Feast. He’s just a cat with a quiet nature, I suppose.

  8. Grey is a gorgeous cat. Both our cats are like him; they have to be “in the mood” to be petted. And if they’re not, WATCH out.

  9. First he was in a home, then a shelter, then your home, and now another home. He may be staying aloof, trying not to get too attached, because he may be wondering when everything will change again.

  10. I have a cat, Jackson, who looks EXACTLY like Grey. In the morning, particularly, when the sun is behind him, he is beautifully outlined in a halo of light. I bet Grey would look just as good.

    Does Grey have his angel hair?

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