Is that a camel???

Rich is out twilight fishing and I’m taking just a moment online before starting tonight’s campfire, taking a shower and settling down with some teryaki pepper smoked salmon picked up at Pike Place Market and a glass of wine- kept on ice for just this evening. Last night it rained a steady soft rain all night that beat a little rhythm on the tent canvas. The temperature dropped into the low 50s and we slept snug as bugs in feather down for TWELVE HOURS. What luxury. Today we wandered around Friday Harbor and then drove the perimeter of the island while it was still drizzly and then the sun came out so we were out hiking. We climbed all up and down the rocks at Lime State Park where you can watch pods of Orca Whales without heading out on one of the tourist whale watch boats. (Remind me to talk to you sometime about the well-founded studies that indicate that the noise from large boat engines loitering in the feeding zones of whales disrupt their crucial dive patterns that allow them to get enough food to make their lengthy migrations necessary for survival. It’s pretty interesting stuff.) Anyway, this was one of the highlights of my day because I could hang by the tide pools, one of my favorite pastimes. Right about then the camera went kaflooey and I’m REALLY not happy about that. I think we have some pictures but, as of now, it’s not willing to take any more and it’s not a battery issue so I don’t know what’s up with that until I get to a camera shop. Ack.

On the way back from the park we saw a sign for an alpaca farm. This caused us to both laugh out loud and I squealed, “Let’s go see!” This was tied to the fact that yesterday, driving around the island to find our campsite, we passed a farm and Rich said, “What’s that?” and I said, ” a white horse.” and he said, “No, that other animal” and I said, easy as pie, “Oh. that’s a camel.” It took about 30 seconds time delay for the ridiculous and unlikely aspect of that to set in and then we bickered, on and off, for a few hours about whether I saw a camel or not. Rich said it was an alpaca and I said, “You wouldn’t know an alpaca if it fell on you, but that was a camel.” And so forth.

So, today, we stopped at the alpaca farm. And when we went into the shop, where I bought some alpaca to knit Rich a scarf, he was laughing with the owner and said, “My wife thought she saw a camel here on San Juan Island!” and the owner said, “She did. There’s a camel on a farm on Roche Harbor Road. It’s a farm with a white horse and a camel.” So, there you go. I know a camel from an alpaca any day of the week.

The fun continues tomorrow as we move over to Orcas Island- I’ll try to catch you there. Since the camera is OTL, you’re stuck with short videos using the Flip recorder, but this one has promise. I’m submitting it to Sundance for preview.

19 responses to “Is that a camel???

  1. The video is so great, vicki. I love it! The pure delight of laughter is the best soundtrack ever.

  2. Yes, it is! And those alpaca look happy there with you! Since their natural habitat is a warmer country (isn’t it?) I wonder how they like it in the northwest?

  3. We had a camel around here once for a Passion play. I thought my husband was crazy when he told me he saw one! It sounds like you’re having a great time.

  4. Fantastic. I saw a camel once here. We had to stop in the road, back up and look at it. Bizarre!

  5. How cute are they!!! I love the idea of sleeping for 12 hours snuggled in a feather down while the temperatures dropped into the 50’s.

  6. I like the way you camp, with the feather down and the wine and the Internet. I want to go camping with you.

  7. Lillian wants me to tell you to get more footage of the black alpaca. She’s smitten.

  8. Love the closeups of those fluffy faces, their snuffly breathing and your laughter.

  9. I love the snorf greetings you received! Fun.

    You might enjoy checking out Rosario Resort while on Orcas.

  10. That was fun! I admit the blast of nostril air made me jump. Cute – laughing.

    You slept for 12 hours. Ahhhh. I think I’ve done that once in my life.

    Hope your camera is OK….

  11. Precious. Every word of this post and every bit of laughter on the video and the snorfling and the cute faces… When I show this to my 19-year old she will say, “I want an alpaca!!!” 🙂

  12. So, do alpaca like to run up and snot oops I mean snort at you? Kind of like llamas spiting at you??

    How old is your memory card for your camera? They like to die all of a sudden for people especially when on vacation.

  13. Is it true, dear docent, that camels hold water in their throats?

    It sounds like you are having a marvelous vacation, indeed!

    I have a memory of twilight fishing with my father on Rainy Lake near Lake Huron, Michigan. No photograph, but indelibly etched as one of those moments big as years, all the same.

    I neglected to tell you that the young lad who answered the phone this morning was wearing a SPARTAN cap. Go GREEN!

  14. Great post, Vicki. And quit kissing the alpacas.

  15. I love this video. Had to send it on to a friend who has wanted an alpaca ever since we stayed at a B & B on an alpaca farm. She will be so jealous. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  16. Sigh. I’ve always wanted to go to Orcas Island. Sounds glorious.

    There are several alpaca farms in the NC mountains. The herders keep alpaca and/or llamas with their sheep to protect them.

  17. You were a vision of loveliness, a voice of sweetness, and as entertaining and fun as all get-out last night. I’m typing under the influence of lavender.

    Thank you, dear Vicki!!

    Rich: Bruce says hello! He admired your fine golf skills and sportsmanship.

  18. So you were with the magnificent Bonnie. I can hardly wait to hear (read) all about it.

  19. I so enjoying meeting you Friday evening! Not nearly enough time, though; I think a trip to Chicago is definitely in order.

    I fell asleep last night imagining lavender-crusted chicken w/ blueberry – habanero chutney. Mmmmm… Thank you!

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