Granted, it was Mahler’s Fifth and not the Third

(okay, with Wende’s help I’ve now uploaded this to YouTube. And no, I never claimed to be Jane Campion. I couldn’t figure out how to edit this properly so let it load before you watch or you’ll get hopelessly annoyed with the stop and start. I mean, even more annoyed. But, you know, it’s my kid so I think it’s cute.)

Alright. Hopefully, you missed it. That was back to too much nonsense. But if it’s okay with Ms. Wende, I’ll use her assistance to post a video of the perfect cast when we go fly fishing in Puget Sound next week.

It’s been a frustrating few days around here. It’s as though the day is clear and sunny but there’s no wind to power the sails. Abby and her best friend came over and went with us to Millennium Park for a concert; I had some wonderfully funny video footage from that the girls made on the sly and I wanted to share it with you. Much of the weekend was spent figuring out how to edit, splice, and put together a clip and that was fraught with problems around decompressors and operating systems and so forth- all stuff I don’t understand. Finally I had it ready but it’s not properly formatted for WordPress. I tried to open a YouTube account but can’t find the e-mails confirming my new account there in any mailbox, spam or otherwise. Then I tried to figure out how to post a wmv file here and I have to buy upgrade space and oh, blah,blah,blah. I probably did a little too much over the weekend between going to concerts and movies in the parks two nights in a row and then Chinatown yesterday. I wanted to get there in time to join (and finally meet) friends for dim sum but depended on another friend to drive, arrived late and dim sum was over. We ate at one of the hundreds of restaurants there; I now suspect it’s the one that has not discovered the merits of refrigeration and so it goes. You see? Nothing major, just way too many minor challenges to feeling productive or perky.

So, today, there’s absolutely nothing to report and you’re missing the funniest little video ever- too bad. It includes the girls disembodied hands busily spelling out “HELP” with frantic little stick figure people, all done in blades of grass on the concrete walk and Mahler’s Fifth swelling majestically in the background. They wanted to go play pool or jello wrestle for money or whatever else it is they do instead of sharing quality time with a dozen middle aged sots lolling in lawn chairs and listening to classical music on a Friday evening.

So you can imagine how I was doubly stung when I read that Miz Mary and HER daughter enjoy driving through the countryside listening to the original Lolita on old tape cassettes, discussing the merits of that piece of literature. I haven’t figured out exactly what comment to leave over there yet that would lead her to believe I find that peculiar charming without sound disingenuous. Sigh.

I’m off to the zoo, quick like a bunny, and I’ll take my camera. The least I can do is capture a picture for you. Check later; perhaps something will turn up today.


13 responses to “Granted, it was Mahler’s Fifth and not the Third

  1. Vicki — I didn’t know what to say to Miz S either — I can’t imagine having a discussion like that with my mom or to be honest with my daughter. Pecularly charming . . . I think that’s the answer! 🙂

    Sorry about the Chinese.

    Oh, and you were right. About 2 hours before I was being the Mom again, laying down the law, etc. Sigh. (Still, it’s nice to have them home!)

  2. I’ll be back looking for funny, charming videos or pics of zoo animals. Hope you are feeling better.

  3. I almost drove by your bungalow this morning. I was over to see my neurologist in St. Pete, so I was just a few blocks away.

    I hope you feel better. You did have surgery, you know, and as they tell me, “You’re not as young as you used to be!” I’m sure that is not what you wanted to hear.

    Looking forward to photos from the zoo.

  4. If I can find my youtube info, I’ll email it to you. You can upload it on my site. 😀

  5. As you try to wrap your brain around Mary’s reading practices, I try to wrap my brain around that video you describe.

    Are the zoo people aware that your vagina might fall out. They seem to be enablers.

  6. Seriously, I think I’m going to be giving an online lecture via YouTube on the meaning of R&R. Attendance from a few of you will be mandatory.

    Raehan, maybe we should call the zoo and let them know there could be a new vagina exhibit soon.

  7. You did pretty good YouTube wise, Vicki.

    (P.S. Do not include me when the vagina fall-out starts.)

  8. I’m almost certain that your young ladies quit their artful fidgeting during the 4th movement, Adagietto, one of the most profoundly moving pieces in all of classical music! ‘Twas the soundtrack to the movie adaptation of Thomas Mann’s Death in Venice. I bet Miz S would be comfortable discussing that novel with her daughters, as well.

    Pass the deviled eggs, please, pretty hostess-with-the-mostess!

  9. The video was charming; I can imagine any of my children doing the same thing! Mahler is not their cup of tea, although I must say, I like that piece.

  10. Are you guys under the impression that Lolita is a dirty novel? Don’t make me get all pretentious on you and start quoting literary critics. Nabokov is, quite simply, one of the genius writers of the 20th century. Oh dammit, I’m getting pretentious already.


  11. Mary, Being a Music Man watcher the thing that is coming to mind is the mayor’s wife saying, “It’s a smutty book” to Marion.

    But of course, we all side with Marion.

  12. A Music Man reference! I snorted. Just saw it on stage at our little neighborhood playhouse. Marion’s a pill.

    Lolita’s not smut. It’s a ‘classic’.

    Aren’t you supposed to be recovering, Miss Vicki?

  13. Oh dear me. the things I miss when I don’t come around for a couple of days. You should have used the brand spankin’ new version of iMovie, Miss Vicki. It is divoon and would have done just what you wanted without so much hard work, perhaps…

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