You found me and I’m glad. This is still an unfamiliar place for me and I’m getting used to navigating and posting photos and what have you. I brought everything over, with Elizabeth’s great help (thank you, thank you) but the place looks a little different from my former home at Typepad. I tried to unclutter the sidebar and my blogroll has been parceled into little subgroups; it’s possible you’ll find yourself in more than one place. I dropped a few because I sensed we had lost our connection and I have some to add still- people who come by often and graciously comment. Let me know if I missed you or you would like to be added because I’m happy to have you. I’ve added Flickr but I’m still uploading photos there and there’s a map for me-and you- to mark your travels. I’m not sure if I’ll keep that or not. The header is nice because I can trade my beautiful Cape Breton for say, sunny Honduras or that rain forest in Costa Rica; all I have to do is size my photos to the dimensions and pop! there they are. I like that. Getting them in the post is not quite so easy and now that they are a bit smaller I need to make sure that when you click them they enlarge. I’ll figure that out tonight. Like most things in my life, this is still a work in progress. Hence the category Egg Tooth.

Here in Chicago, in the heart of the inner city, is Garfield Park Conservatory. The happy and robust sculptures of Niki de Saint Phalle are there right now, planted amidst the lush greenery. Every where you turn, around each corner and in every house one of these beauties is there to welcome you. I went for the first time the day before my surgery so I would have a peaceful image to hold in my head and focus on but it was just too hot and humid to enjoy. This morning, I told Rich I thought I need to get up and walking-a morning constitutional, if you will. Certain aspects of my system are still under the influence of anesthesia and I’d like them to wake up now, if you catch my drift. It was overcast and slightly cooler so I suggested we try Garfield Park Conservatory again and the rewards were great. ferns1.jpeg

I am in love with the liverwort in the fern room there; it would make a wonderful picture puzzle of a thousand pieces.


The water lily ponds were in full bloom and looking for all the world like a Monet. Remind me on Monday to talk a bit about CCD and post photos. Any guesses? It’s important business. Tomorrow the children, as babies, will be here, with a little commentary about the end of a life chapter.

17 responses to “Welcome

  1. Oh, goody, I’m the first. Thank you, Vicki, for stopping by my place last night and leaving your comments. We’ve just finished with Ella’s party, and I came inside to hide where it’s cool.

    Wow, you don’t sound like you’ve missed a step. The anesthesia certainly didn’t affect your memory or your way with words.

    As usual, I always look for ward to your posts and your views on life. But what about Louise, poor dear. Every time I read her updates from Josh, it just breaks my heart. She truly needs a miracle.

  2. Vicki, your new home here is just as beautiful as you are, and as pretty as your other two homes (the physical ones). A morning walk ought to help wake up those parts of you and if that fails, try metamucil (orange flavor, sugar-free) for working miracles!

    The water lily photo may be my wallpaper in a minute, if I can get it sized right. How gorgeous!!

    I hope you enjoy your new spot on the web, and I look forward to more posts, if possible.

  3. I have deleted outside in from my toolbar and replaced with with markonwall, but you have the same little house icon so I can find you. So glad surgery went well and that you got to say the things you wanted before you went under. I know it will be a memory you will always savor even though it came in the midst of a stressful time.

  4. Very, very nice. Having just moved my own self to a new location, I’m happy to follow you to yours.

    Glad to hear the surgery went well.

  5. Love the new digs, Vicki. Nicely done. I’m thinking I may have to get in touch with your friend/guru myself for a change I feel is coming on.

    Thank you kindly for adding me to your blogroll. I appreciate knowing you read my jibber jabber.

  6. Welcome to your new home! I am happily continuing to follow along.

  7. Damn, I forgot to say anything meaningful to Josh before they wheeled me away, but I did exchange banter with the OR nurses.

    Your new place looks lovely, and I look forward to tomorrow’s post. A tribute to the uterus, I am assuming. And here I was, calling mine bad names.

  8. It’s beautiful here, Vicki. The colors and layout, and the photos. I like this new virtual home, it feels lovely.

  9. Love the new look!

    I just caught up on your recent entries and had to admit to getting a bit weepy. The first posting I ever read of yours included the incredibly moving photo of your hand over water, scattering your mother’s ashes. Having just visited my mother, well… You’ve been through a lot in a scant few years.

    I’m sure you’re probably already aware of it, but you can have puzzles made from your favorite photos. (The liverwort photo would be brilliant.) One of my clients had puzzles made from a family reunion photo, and sent sent them out to everyone in her family as Christmas gifts.

  10. CCD and post photos. That enough reminder?

    This is a beautiful place Vickster. Now just toss off the remnants of anasthesia and you will be good to go be a docent again.

  11. Oh, and thanks for the birder URL (djringer). Very entertaining.

  12. Of course I came along for the ride and changed my blogroll, too!

    The new place is nice – let me know once you figure out the vagaries of posting pics here on WordPress – I thought of switching a while ago and set up a space, even, but couldn’t figure out the photo posting so I’ve just left that site sort of in limbo until *someday*.

    That lily pond is gorgeous. Wish my little backyard pond were big enough to hold so many different-colored blooms.

  13. Found you!
    Looks good.
    I’m glad your surgery went so well.

  14. Well, doesn’t this look beautiful! I love the appearance, and the tranquillity of this new place. I will have to get used to it though; change is hard for me.

  15. Uh… Ok, so I’ve not even read the post on the other site yet… and ditto on this one. I’ll be back tomorrow to actually “comprehend”–but visually, it’s stunning. 😀

  16. Welcome home! I’m so glad to hear that everything went as well as could be expected (where were those nice doctors when I had my surgery, told them not to use the stuff that made me sick afterwards, and then they, whoops, *forgot* that part…?)

  17. Welcome to your new home! I’ve been happy with my move to WordPress — I hope you are too!


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